Allow me to clarify that bold statement.

Who are we? My team and I.

Who is part of my team? My people.

Who are my people? Anyone who has the same energy as me, anyone who drowns in optimism, anyone who has, wants and gives positive energy. My people aren’t only my family and friends. My people include strangers. Most of them I have never met and probably never will. Yet, we share that humanity, that common goal to build and to never destroy because we push negativity away. The universe connects us in a weird and unexplained way. We have the same energy and sometimes, for reasons unknown, you can feel that connection with a stranger. It is never something big, it could be a nod, a smile, an exchange of polite words, a pat on the back, anything. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that our positive energy connects us, whoever we are and no matter where we come from.

What do we build? That is the coolest part. We build ourselves! We are architects of our bodies and minds. We put pieces together, so it can become a whole entity with a purpose. We build ourselves to become better, not worse. We build ourselves to shine, not to shrink. Our shining isn’t out there to blind anybody. We shine because positive energy comes out, because positivity escapes from our bodies and minds. We build our characters and personalities. We see that we need to be better, to adapt, to improve, to change, to become better human beings, and we go for it. We are self aware and that makes us better by the second. We are not better than others, we are just better than ourselves from yesterday. We are not into showing off, we are into living our lives the best way we know how.

How do we build ourselves? Simply by learning. Life and time are the best teachers in the universe. We learn everyday. We don’t stop learning. We try something, we fail and try again. We fail more times than we succeed but we don’t get discouraged easily. We take failure as a meaningful experience instead of a fatal outcome. We ask more questions than we give answers. We are not perfect, nor do we try to be. We accept and understand the only thing we can control is “ourselves”, not others.

The best way to build oneself is to never deny your feelings. I do insist on “never”. We feel all the time, no matter what time or where we are. The crucial part is to understand those feelings. Once you understand them, you can get control over them instead of the feelings controlling you. You understand what situations or people might get you into trouble and you walk away from them. That is the longest fight in anyone’s life. So, you better get to it!

We don’t destroy. We build.

If push comes to shove, well, let us destroy hurtful things or rather, we shall fight against those things, as destroying implies making things disappear. We all know destroying a behavior or a feeling cannot happen. We will look to help others be better. We will not destroy people. We will never destroy people. That is not who we are. We will encourage people, talk to them, give them a chance to get better, to be better. My team believes in redemption, in forgiveness. We believe we could always try to help our fellow human being. Are there some lost cases? I believe there are but it is a minuscule number. However, they are so few that they shouldn’t cloud the majority that just needs a little push to start their healing or improvement. We will fight against bad and unproductive behavior like negativity and laziness, we will fight against injustice. We will fight against people who try to impose their will on others. We will fight against intolerance. We will fight against close-mindedness. The list goes on for miles and I am sure you get my point.

We build ourselves one day at a time. My team knows getting better takes time. We will not fall into the pits of negativity. We will not allow ourselves to be contaminated by those who thrive on conflict instead of collaboration. We will stay optimistic, especially in the face of adversity. It will be hard, too hard at times, but our natural inclination is to think positively. The sky always ends up being blue and clear after a storm. We will be just fine.

We don’t destroy, we build. We build brick by brick, day by day. Consistency is key and remember that it is only too late when you are dead. You can always start the building process. Everyone is welcome into my team. We don’t turn anyone away. By the way, I don’t own the team! I am just a small part of a big ensemble.

We don’t destroy, we build.

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day!

Freeman. B

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