Some people call this voice “God”, others call it the inner voice, others call it a “gut feeling”, others call it the “sixth sense”. Does it really matter what it’s called? Probably not. Either way, listen to that voice. I believe that voice to be your soul. It is a conversation between you and yourself. It might not make sense to others, but to me, it does.

We come at different crossroads in our lives, we must make choices that could define the rest of our lives or decide who we are or who we are going to become. That inner voice is always there, talking to you, agreeing with you, disagreeing with you, pushing you, fighting with you, encouraging you, telling you to stop and turn around, telling you to keep going, asking if you have lost your mind, congratulating you and more.

That voice is always there. You are the only one that hears it, the outside voices are just background noises. Whatever happens, the final decision rests with you. If something feels weird or off, your inner voice will tell you, just like a warning. The inner voice never shuts up, it always speaks to you. If something feels right, that same inner voice, won’t shut up either. You will know right away if you are making the right choice.

Listen to that voice. I believe that inner voice is there to protect you. One could argue that the voice can spread doubt, yet doubt isn’t that bad, depending on its degree of course. It means you are not sure of your decision yet. Perhaps something is missing, something isn’t right. So, listen to that voice, do what you can to put the doubts to rest. If you still have doubts, then, the choice you are making, isn’t the right one. I am not saying that every choice doesn’t bring doubts. However, some doubts can be bigger and stronger than others.

Listen to that voice. It is there for a reason, it isn’t time or energy wasted. Basically, just listen to yourself, there isn’t a person you should trust more than yourself. Nevertheless, try your best not to be prideful. Outside advice can be useful. So listen to others, and remember the final decision, rests with you.

What I am trying to say is, feel free to do whatever makes you comfortable:  decide, listen to that voice, and stand by your decision, which is the hardest part of every decision making process. We love making decisions but living with the consequences? That is always another ball game! There is no miracle cure to anything. Just listen to the voice, make the decision and 2 things could happen: either things go well, and then you clap for yourself, or things go wrong and you will have learned a lesson. Analyze what went wrong and adjust for next time. That’s how life works.

Listen to that voice and when you do, smile. Enjoy the fact you still have an inner voice looking out for you. Smile, because it is good to still have a soul and a brain that are there to protect you.

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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