Clap for yourself.

Do it. You should congratulate yourself. You should do it because I know you are trying to be better every day. How do I know? I am so glad you asked! Well, I am like you. I am trying and failing, but I keep trying. Since you and I are more similar than we care to admit, I somehow know what you are going through. You probably want the same thing as me. You just want to be happy, free of any stress, you want your life to be better, not bitter. Who doesn’t want to be happy or be better? What kind of psycho wants to be in pain? They are called masochists. Let’s leave them alone for now.

Clap for yourself. It is easier than you think. It doesn’t mean you are saint, nor does it mean you are a fuckup. You occasionally fuck up, because you are a human being. When you do, apologize and move forward. Nothing else you can do. It sounds selfish and almost cold, but there isn’t anything else you can do. Make sure you don’t do it again. Learn from that mistake, analyze the situation, ask questions, and when you apologize, look people in the eyes so you can see the extent of their pain and disappointment. It is crucial to see other people’s pain and hopefully you will find a clue that will teach you something, anything so you won’t mess up again.

Clap for yourself. Sometimes, one just needs to clap to get the engine going. Thinking positively of yourself, it helps your whole demeanor, your attitude, your whole worldview, and different subjects, it might make things clearer. By clapping for yourself, you will encourage yourself, the physical act of clapping gives you energy, your heart rate goes up, your hands are moving, blood is flowing faster in your body, it wakes you up, the synapses in your brain become like a 4th of July firework and before you know it, you will have motivated yourself. Trust me, it works.

Clap for yourself. Don’t be arrogant though. Do it for you, not to impress others. Make that positive energy flow through your body and mind and then liberate it and spread it around. What good is positive energy if it stays imprisoned? Don’t be selfish, spread that joy and happiness. Being positive is a gift and gifts are meant to be shared with others. What good is it to be happy just by yourself, when others are not? What is the purpose of your happiness? To keep it to yourself? If that is the case, that is just sad.

Clap for yourself, you are doing ok. You will do better tomorrow. Being positive is a behavior, and behaviors don’t fall from the sky, they are learnt, they are active and living organisms. Moreover, behaviors can vanish if you don’t take care of them. Take care of your positive energy and good behaviors. Maintain that optimism and positive energy. Try to let go of the bad behaviors.

Clap for yourself. You are doing ok. Go out and do what you do best. But remember that your positive energy and outlook on life will be more appreciated than every diploma or degree you might have. Being optimistic is never overrated. It is grossly underrated. Being positive beats everything. Being positive is the only energy that matters. Being positive isn’t a weakness, it is the ultimate force of life. Being positive is a way of life, a set of values, a set of rules, that are priceless especially during hard times.

Clap for yourself. Enjoy the day and set the pace for a positive day, week, month, year, life. When things are going well, it is easy to clap. When things aren’t going well, clap for yourself anyway, it will inject that positive energy and things might get better.

Oh, and when you clap, if you don’t smile right away, you will smile once you become drunk with positivity that will be flowing in your veins, that is a guarantee. Just clap for yourself. You deserve it.

Just one man’s opinion…

Now smile and go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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