You must let go. Whatever it is. You need to let go. Just let go. If you hold on to bad memories or poisonous people, your heart and mind will succumb to the negativity. Do not go believing that your heart and mind are any different from anything else; they do have a breaking point. The latter is never light years away, it is closer than you think, sometimes you can barely see it, but it is there. You don’t want to reach your breaking point because you will find yourself in uncharted territory. You cannot possibly know what the consequences might be or how much it will hurt you.

You must let go. It is for your own good. I know it isn’t easy to let go, believe me. Letting go is one of the hardest thing you will have to learn, and it is one of the most valuable skills you could ever possess. Skill implies learning, training, practicing repeatedly. You won’t be able to let go on your first try, that is a certainty. Time will teach you how to let go however, that is a certainty.

You must let go. Yes, you must forgive. Yes, you must declare that you don’t want to be prisoner of negative feelings. You don’t want to be a slave to bitterness, you don’t want give others power over you, you don’t want them to dictate your life choices or your mood. They hurt you, so you can choose to hurt them back or forgive and let go. Hurting them back feels good, that is for sure, but it ends up poisoning your life, it brings you down to their level. You could very well choose that route, I have in the past, when I believed others really deserved it. But I have come to realize, letting go is a bit easier. Life will somehow get them, no need to dirty your hands.

You must let go. Your past defines your present and future. Whatever you sow in the past, you will reap in the future. No one wants to harvest a poisonous fruit because they planted poisonous seed. If you keep the bitterness, it will infect every area of your life. Is it worth it? In the long-term game, it isn’t. It just adds to the negativity, the poison infecting your heart and mind becomes more potent with time, therefore more dangerous. You risk a lot by being bitter. It isn’t worth it.

You must let go. Before you do, be mad though, cry your outrage and rage, deal with that pain, grind your teeth, hit the punching bag, scream if need be. Have a normal reaction, don’t keep the pain in, that is another easy way to poison yourself. Let the rage run through you, disinfect your heart and mind. You don’t need the residual pain, or sorrow. Face your anger, deal with it, accept you pain, be aware of who, how and why they did it. We must deal with those bad experiences, accept the bad things that happened to us, open our arms to dealing with them. Pain is a reminder that we are human, and we hurt. Most people try to deny their pain and hurt, and it poisons them, it hurts them for years and years without them realizing it. Deal with whatever happened to you, for your own good.

You must let go. The future is waiting for you, not the past. You won’t be able to move forward in your life if you have 500 pounds of past bitterness on your frail shoulders. It is too heavy, it is too much for your mind. The past mustn’t dictate where you are going, it is part of you, but it doesn’t entirely define you. Look to the future. Move on, let go of the hurt, of the bitterness, keep loving yourself, respect yourself, you are better than you give yourself credit for.

Letting go is strength, it isn’t weakness. Letting go is the smart thing to do. Letting go is courage, letting go is about winning, letting go is a real and useful skill, letting go should be a way of life, you are not a sucker if you let go, no matter what others might say. Letting go is your own choice, no one else’s business, it is for your own happiness, letting go is also about forgiveness, letting go is refusing to be a slave to negativity, letting go is about freedom, letting go is about dealing with your feelings, letting go is about understanding that you are more important than those who hurt you, it is about taking their power away and have that power in your own hands. Love yourself enough to let go, respect yourself to dismiss the negative energy. Letting go will make you smile.

Just one man’s opinion…

Now smile and go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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