I have a task for you, it is an easy one.

Tell at least one person that you love them today and please, make it a habit. We all have people we love: a child, a spouse, a parent, a friend, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a grand parent, and the list goes on.

I love you. 3 words easily written. There is an elegance to that sentence, there is a truth and a vulnerability to it. That holy trinity of words is utterly beautiful, it is simple. There could be ambiguity, depending on who you tell it to, when and how you tell them. It can be tricky in that case. 3 words that can be as unstable as dynamite and can also ignite a wild fire whose flames won’t be easy to tame. I guess all those annoying rules only apply when someone is in love. That is another subject for another day. So, let’s forget that for a moment.

We all have someone we love, there is at least one person. We all feel it, but saying it isn’t as easy as feeling it. I am fully aware it isn’t easy to say. It all starts with where and how you grew up. If those 3 magical words weren’t used a lot in your household and amongst your family and friends growing up, then, it could be hard for you to say it.

I have this friend whose father died a while ago. He told me his biggest regret was he never told his father he loved him. They were close, but he never, ever told him how much his father meant to him. It takes a real man to admit he missed out on something so basic yet so essential. When he told me that, I saw sadness and sorrow in his eyes and it hurt me to see my friend devastated like that. Imagine how he felt…

I don’t have a magical fix here, I never do anyway. I can only recommend you start saying it. It will be uncomfortable at first, you will feel exposed, you might sweat a bit. Yet, unless you are dealing with a person who can’t feel anything, whoever is on the receiving end of those 3 words will appreciate them. Tell them you love them. They will enjoy it as much as you. It will open new doors in your relationship with that person, that is a guarantee.

I am one of those people who doesn’t believe those 3 words can be overused and become obsolete. The holy trinity of words never loses its substance or its importance. It won’t happen. Those 3 words mean way more than anything you will ever feel. They are the pillars of any relationship.

I can’t say it enough: life is short. Don’t wait for it to pass you by. Don’t waste time and go ahead and tell your people you love them. Life always throws you curveballs and you can very well lose your mind or lose your possessions. Your people however, the true ones, the real ones, the ones that truly and sincerely love you, they won’t leave you. They will stand by you and love you. So, love them back. But loving them isn’t enough. Tell them you love them.

Take a moment today. Text or call those you love and say the 3 magical words. Enunciate when you speak, tell them clearly as to not leave any ambiguity. Insist on it. Be proud of loving people. No one can ever take that away from you.

Tell people you love them TODAY. And do the same tomorrow and the next day. Before long, it will have become a habit, a reflex. It is invaluable, and it feels good. Yes, I said it! It feels good, it is selfish, and I don’t care and neither should you. Be selfish and enjoy your life with the people that you love. If you do say “I love you” face to face, I bet you the other party will smile…

Just one man’s opinion…

Now smile and go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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