I am talking as someone who needs a recalibration every now and again. I must be honest about this part. Life can be like that. You can lose focus. You can be distracted. You can be busy, preoccupied, weak, vulnerable, etc. You can be going through some personal issues. It could be a financial or professional issue; it could be anything. It happens. You can also be low on energy. You can get lost. You can be empty. A billion things can happen to you, unexpectedly.

It happens.

Life can be disruptive, it can be capricious and take you into different and
unexpected directions, whether you like it or not. You can never know what the future holds, but you can plan how to react to what happens to you. Granted, if something bad happens, the body and mind go to panic mode. But if the brain and the body have had enough practice, you could somehow control how to react to bad news and unfortunate events.

So, are you lost? Are you low on energy? Distracted? Preoccupied? Broke?
Hurt? Heartbroken? Unemployed? Yes? Well, don’t despair. It happens. Now, what is your plan? What are you going to do? Having an answer to such a question is the ultimate blessing. You will never get the answer if you don’t train yourself  to have answers or look for answers. That is why you must learn how to recalibrate. You must find a way to look for answers. You will never find that you are not looking for!

Recalibrate. Refocus, re-energize your life. How? By sticking to your
routine or by creating a new one, by setting up new goals, by accepting that
things are not going well, by diagnosing what is wrong, by letting the pain in so you could deal with it, by remembering what you are good at, by remembering who and what you love and by doing a million other things that help you recover. There isn’t one way of living this life, there are a billion of them, it is up to you to choose one or seek help with a trained professional such as a therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist.

Recalibrating your life is a healthy way of dealing with the negative things
that happen to you. It gives meaning to your life whether you like it or not. I
have decided to recalibrate my life in a specific way. I will be sending these
texts whenever they are ready and not at a specific time. My need to write is there, inextinguishable, and it never lies dormant. Yet, I force myself to send my texts at a specific time. I couldn’t tell you why I do that. The problem with that principle, is that if I don’t send the text at specific time, I end up not sending it at all. That messes with my writing and my routine. So, I am recalibrating that part of my life. I will be sending these texts whenever I deem them ready and I will not respect a certain length or topic. If it is ready, it will be posted.

Sometimes, we set goals and routines that make sense. However, as time goes by and we change, that routine might end up being ineffective, and dare I say, it could become obsolete or unfulfilling.

Recalibrating is a form of evolution. It is a form of adaptation to your
circumstances. It is a way of rolling with the flow. You gotta be able to bend,
not break. You gotta be flexible, not rigid. Life will twist you in every way
possible. It is up to you to keep up. As you might have noticed by now, life is
never static or regular. Life has a way of not caring about you or yours. Life
is just life. Those who make it better than others, are those who can recognize when the time is right to adapt. Those who are willing to change and evolve. You are not the same person you were a year ago or even 6 months ago, you have changed. I am sure you have changed your habits a million times since you were born. You recalibrated. You did so willingly or unwillingly. Yet, you recalibrated. It is possible to recalibrate.

Recalibrate to make your life easier. Learn to be flexible instead of being
rigid. Learn to let go of obsolete things. Learn to stop unproductive
behaviours. Learn to embrace change. Learn to customize change to fit your personality and needs. Do not let others tell you that you are too old to
change. There is no such thing. There is always room for improvement, there is always room for change.

Recalibrating isn’t a weakness, no matter what some people might have you
believe. Recalibrating is nature’s way of showing you that you are capable of change. Recalibrating is a skill that you should always practice. Recalibrating is sometimes necessary. Recalibrating, in the end, is a blessing.

Just one man’s opinion…

Now, smile, recalibrate if you need to or if you must, and go on with your

Freeman. B

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