Creativity is associated with imagination, originality, innovation, building something from scratch, creating something. Creativity is always linked with drawing, music, writing, cinema, theater, arts in general, let’s say. It sounds like we are talking about an exclusive club of people, the creators. It sounds like a club that uses discrimination to exist. Do they discriminate against us or are we the ones who think we do not belong in that club? Do you have to write a song to say that you are a creator? Do you have to direct a movie to be a creator or do you have to paint? How about the guy that created the electrical circuit?

I heard some people say they are not creative. I refuse to believe that. It isn’t because you can’t draw, dance, sing, act or direct that you are not creative. I happen to believe that every human being, regardless of where they are from or who they are, is creative. Perhaps, when you were a kid you weren’t encouraged to be creative. You had to do your homework. Math and science had to be mastered first, because that is what mattered. That was the way to learn, the only way to learn in school. Anything that would step out of that line, would make you a rebel or a pariah. Perhaps you were called lazy because those subjects bored you, and I concur…School can be boring sometime, maybe most of the time.

The thing is, we all have original ideas. We do. Our brain is wired in a unique way. No two people think alike, no matter how close they are. Even identical twins don’t think alike. That uniqueness, that singularity is precious. It can be the source of wonderful and original things. Plus, do not forget, you can very well be inspired by other people, other people’s stories, their lives, their struggles, their work, their success, etc. Nowhere is it written that you cannot or shouldn’t be inspired by other artists or other cultures or other people’s stories. You can use an existing idea, tweak it and improve on it, or create something entirely different. The author of Game of Thrones was heavily inspired by the author from Lord of the Rings. Just an example…Beyoncé was inspired by Michael Jackson who in turn was inspired by James Brown…See what I am getting there?

I myself thought I wasn’t creative until very recently. I was convinced that I couldn’t create something of my own. Perhaps all those years spent denying that I could do it, I ended up keeping to myself all the texts I wrote. Sometimes, we think we are not good enough, and sometimes we are not, and that is ok. A little work and perseverance can help us get better. Moreover, I always found writers to be pretentious and a tad arrogant. That would make arrogant then. Perhaps I am, but I did try this “writing” and it is working out pretty well so far. At least I am happy about it. After years and years of hesitation, I put away the fear away and I just started, and the rest followed.

Creativity isn’t only about art. Scientists can be creative just as much as musicians. Where do you think all these gadgets and technological advancements come from? They come from people’s minds, creative minds because every mind is creative. Not all minds share the enthusiasm for creating but the DNA, the need for creation is there. Whatever idea you have, could turn out to be original.

We are all creative, to stronger and lesser degrees for sure. The worst thing that could happen is to deny that creative side we all have. I am aware that some are more daring, some are more expressive, some are introverts, some aren’t comfortable sharing their creations/art with others. I understand it better than most. The discomfort, the anxiety, sometimes fear, are companions that stay with us and only leave us after lingering for a while.

Please know that you are creative. You have a talent, no matter what it is. You have a passion, you have a skill. It doesn’t have to be art. It could be something else. Creativity isn’t exclusive to art. Creativity is available to all because it is in the most private part of your body and soul: your brain. Protect your creativity. Whatever it is, write it down, make it happen. You don’t have to share it with the world. Do it for you. Make yourself happy. Do that thing that you love. You are creative. You have contributions to make to the world. Expressing yourself in a manner that you see fit is the best gift you could give to yourself, and hopefully the world.

Just one man’s opinion…

Now, smile, be creative, keep creating or start creating and finally, go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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