The sun rises, signaling that another day has started. It will run its course and the sun will set. The night will take over and the sun will rise,yet again. The cycle will go on for billions of years, until our sun dies. We will all be gone by then. Our existence is a small insignificant dot on an enormous canvas, one that has billions and billions of similar dots. In the grand scheme of things, our existence is merely noticeable. However, let’s be honest, my life is the most important thing I possess. I don’t care about the universe, the sun setting or rising (well, I do a bit), and I don’t care how insignificant I might be. I matter, and you matter as well.

One should always look to take care of themselves and others. One should always make their life better. It isn’t easy, it isn’t given, it is hard work,it is tedious, it is filled with defeats along the way, but one should keep trying. Nothing worth having comes easily.

I recently realized that I talk a lot about self love, self respect and self worth. It is my holy trinity. I believe that for a person to grow and be better in all aspects of their life, they must love themselves, respect themselves and know what they are worth. It is one of those theories that I won’t be able to prove so it can become a law, but I will stick to it with all my heart, mind and soul. I will defend it until I die. I apologize for being dramatic, I am just trying to insist on the importance of my holy trinity.

It is understandable for anyone to think my texts are very “ego-centric”and that interpretation doesn’t bother me because there is some truth in that. You must know yourself and understand yourself before you do anything else, you must love yourself before loving others, you must respect yourself before respecting others, you must know your worth before someone else gives you your worth and trust me, when that happens, your worth will be a million times under your real value.

The holy trinity is never complete, and the holy trinity isn’t perfect either. It evolves constantly, it grows, it crashes at times. The holy trinity can even become a burden if you are going through a tough time, it can bring confusion if you are hurting. The holy trinity is like a machine; for it to work, the parts need to work together, in sync. If one part isn’t working properly or if it is broken, the whole machine breaks down and hell will ensue.The holy trinity must evolve because the world we live in today isn’t the same world it was 5,10,20 years ago. As time flies by, our priorities change, the way we see the world changes, what we want, what we aspire to, all those things change, and it is normal, that is the way life is. You can’t stop the way the world evolves.

Self love isn’t about loving everything about yourself. We all have small imperfections and weaknesses that remind us that we are not perfect.Perfection is an illusion anyway. Self love is about loving yourself enough to take care of yourself. Self respect is about decency, making sure you carry yourself with dignity, class and especially, making sure others treat you accordingly. It always starts with how you carry yourself, it is extremely rare for someone to disrespect a person who carries themselves with respect. Self worth is about confidence in yourself. But remember, confidence takes decades to build and energy to sustain it. Nothing happens in a blink of an eye. You must believe in yourself, you must be confident in your abilities and in your limitations because, we all have limitations, there is no shame in that.

The holy trinity is like a machine once again. You need maintenance for it to run properly, you need gas. What I am getting at is, there is no end to the holy trinity. There is no stop, there is no destination, only a voyage, a perilous one. You shouldn’t say “I have enough self love, self respect and self worth, so it is time to take a break from improving”. Well, I don’t believe you should say that. I believe you should keep growing, I believe you should keep moving forward. Keep loving yourself, keep respecting yourself, keep acknowledging your self worth. Please remember, life will always throw punches at you, it will always challenge the holy trinity, people will come along and mess with you and doubts will be created and they will look for cracks and ways to exploit them.

So, defend the holy trinity, make it last. Challenges will make it stronger, time will help you discover more about yourself and how to handle the holy trinity better. The holy trinity is about you, no one else. The holy trinity isn’t a weapon to wage war, it is a weapon of peace, peace within yourself. The holy trinity doesn’t exist for you to flaunt what you have or how much better your life is, compared to others. The holy trinity is also about humility, it isn’t there for some hypothetical contest with others. The holy trinity is about your life, and your improvement. It isn’t easy, nor will it ever be. The holy trinity gets stronger and better only if you want it and work at it. So, look after yourself, take care of yourself, love yourself, respect yourself, carry yourself with class and pride and be happy with who you are.

Just one man’s opinion.

Now, smile and go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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