You have a choice today. You always do.

You make a lot of choices everyday. It is rare to find yourself in a position where you are against the wall and you don’t have a choice, yet it can rarely happen. I would like to think that you are not Jack Bauer, and this is not a TV show or a movie. Unlike 24 or the Walking Dead, there is no imminent threat out there, there is no zombie apocalypse, no pandemic and the complete annihilation of our world isn’t minutes away.

I am not going to sit here and pretend to know what is going on in your life, or in your heart. Perhaps you are dealing with a dire situation, something that hurts, and you are in a dark place, where the light has been switched off and darkness is your reality now. I will not pretend I have solutions for you nor will I mock the tough spot you are in.

How can things possibly get better when you are in a tough spot and can’t see the light? I believe they start getting better as soon as you make a choice. You choose to fight for things to get better. You choose positivity, you choose to let go of sorrow. The whole process takes time, but you always start with small steps and small choices that will amount to a big change later. You don’t run the marathon (26 miles = 42km!) just like that, you train for it, you run half a mile, then a mile and so on. Consistency is key.

I believe you have a choice today, even if the situation is grim. What kind of choice do you have? Well, you can choose to fight for yourself, you choose sanity over insanity, you can choose to smile instead of crying, or you can choose to cry and then smile, you can choose the light instead of the darkness, you can choose action instead of reaction, you can choose to laugh at the absurdity of certain situations, you can choose to let go of things you have no control over, you can choose to remember fond memories of those gone too soon, you can choose to celebrate their life, you can choose positive energy over negative energy, you can choose to get up everyday and try again so things can get better.

You can choose to see life as a glass that is half full, you can choose optimism over pessimism, you can choose peace over violence, you can choose forgiveness over holding grudges, you can choose to love instead of hating, you can choose to improve your life everyday by taking small steps towards your own happiness, you can choose to care about people, you can choose to work on your relationships instead of letting them wither like flowers, you can choose to respect yourself and others, you can choose to be kind instead of arrogant, and a thousand other choices that you can make everyday!

You do have a choice everyday. It is up to you. It sounds simple but perhaps it isn’t that complicated, perhaps it is that simple. You have a choice and it is up to you. I choose to believe that. It makes my life better. Consistency is key. If you choose the light often, it becomes a habit and the bad things don’t affect you as much or as harshly as you might think.

You have a choice today. You always do.

Just one man’s opinion…

Now, smile, make a choice and go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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