Visualize a box, a small one. It is an opaque box, no light, no extra space. Now, imagine you are prisoner in that box. You can’t stay standing up in it, you can only lay down, in a fetal position, your knees touching your chest. You can’t get out, you are a prisoner in that box, you stay there, because your freedom was taken away.

At first, your human instinct takes over, you want to get out, you don’t want to be confined in it, you hate it. You are cramped up in there, it hurts, you scream for your freedom, you scratch, punch, kick but you still can’t get out. Then, with time, as desperation creeps in, the box becomes your world, your home. You don’t mind being in there in the end, so you stay, you even get a bit comfortable.

Now, imagine, if you will, that someone put you in that box and that someone, is you. Strange idea, right? But let’s say, for the sake of argument, you are that someone. It is not your fault probably. Society’s rules, cultural rules, the world itself has boundaries so you end up in a box, no matter how uncomfortable it is and with time you even become quite comfortable in that damn box.

This is to say that I believe we mostly put ourselves in a box, because that is how the world has been defined to us. We are told we must be in a box, we belong in one box. In some parts of the world getting out of the box, aka thinking differently or just being different, is seen as an affront to the established rules, a deviation, and sadly, it is punishable severely, and sometimes being different is plain illegal.

I personally hate boxes, I hate anything that would restrict my freedom. I love my freedom of speech, my freedom of thinking, of being, I love to have ideas, to mess up and then correct my trajectory to get to the right destination. Probably the creative part of my mind hates boxes more than anything else. Thinking outside the box is highly recommended in the creative world, and today, it is even encouraged in business circles, which are the most restrictive places. There isn’t one way of doing things, there are multiples ways, some better than others. You must try as many ways as you can, to find the right way.

So, the million-dollar question…What about you? I am sure you don’t like being confined in a box. No one wants to see all the ideas being fed to them. We are creative beings, we love ideas of our own. Even if an idea is given to us, we always try to make it fit our personalities, we remix those ideas to make them go along with the way we are. We desperately look for ways to get by, to think, to function, to do business, to make money, to create something meaningful for ourselves and others. We long to live our lives freely, without the burden of all the society’s laws, which haven’t been updated in a while. It is also utterly strange that few societies adapt their rules and laws to fit the current world. Perhaps, as humans we don’t like change that much, we only pretend to? Yet, we yearn for freedom, at most of us, others do like restricting other people’s lives and freedoms, which is a concept I will never understand.

However, let’s take a step back now! Most of society’s laws make sense ok? Don’t go thinking I am advocating anarchy, not at all. I simply believe we are not meant to live in a box, we are complex and complicated beings, we inherently cannot be confined into boxes. We want to fly high and enjoy our freedoms. I believe that no one wants to belong in a box.

So, enjoy your ideas, live by them, protect them, take care of them, improve them. No human being is one thing, we are made of many sides and colors and beliefs. No one fits in one box, no one is in just one category. We are meant to find our own way in this life and it takes courage to do so. It takes perseverance, it takes consistency, it takes a deep understanding of who you are, it takes time, it takes humility because you don’t know everything, it takes accepting new ideas and concepts, it takes open-mindedness, it takes strength, it takes being yourself and loving yourself. Avoid the box, don’t be confined, be free, be decent, be kind and most of all, be yourself.

Just one man’s opinion…

Now smile and go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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