You sincerely shouldn’t.

I will not pretend I know everything about life. I don’t have all the answers, I barely have any at times. Yet, I know a few things and I like to share my experiences. There is one thing that is self-evident: you sincerely shouldn’t give up on yourself. I strongly believe it. I might even call it a certainty.

Please indulge me for a second. Let’s say you give up on yourself, what then? What is the next move? Is there even a “next move”? Is the next move going to make your life better or worse? I believe things can only become worse once you give up on yourself. Personally, it feels like the end. I frankly don’t see how things could get better. If you give up, then you don’t believe in your abilities. You don’t believe in improving, you don’t believe in anything that you do. You become passive. You become numb. Who will take the wheel to drive you safely to greener pastures? Who other than you could or should take care of you? Your life depends on your actions. Giving up on yourself means you are suspending taking care of your life. I am not trying to sound alarming or use scare tactics. I am merely trying to demonstrate in my own way how believing in yourself is essential to everyday life.

Now…I am not going to pretend that life is easy and there is never a temptation to give up on yourself. There are plenty of moments like that. Thousands of them through someone’s life. The highs and especially the lows of life are usually unexpected. Life is hard. Life will throw a few punches and hurt you. Circumstances will bring pain and sorrow. That is how life is. When times are hard, we are tempted to give up. Hell, sometimes, WE DO GIVE UP. We are beaten down, we have a sense of dread invading our hearts and minds, we feel lost. We are tempted to feel inadequate, incapable of certain things, we believe we lost, we are ashamed of being unable to move forward. Yes, life isn’t easy and sometimes we capitulate. The idea is to never surrender completely and accept the terms life will offer you, because the terms will not be kind.

It is tempting to give up on yourself in those moments. Yet, it is in those moments that one shouldn’t give up on themselves. I know it all sounds poetic and corny, but it is true. During the dark times, one should find the fortitude to keep going. If you give up on yourself, you will have defeated yourself. Granted, external forces will play a role in your pain/defeat but in the end, you must remember that true defeat comes from within. Defeat becomes real once you renounce fighting. When you decide to stop fighting for yourself, that is when defeat happens. But how can one keep fighting when victory isn’t a sure thing? I ask you, what fight has an assured victory anyway? Very few, if any.

Moreover, why would you give up on yourself? There is no reason for you to do so. Let’s assume that you are beaten down and lost. Can it get any worse? No. It will only get worse if you stop believing in yourself and accept your defeated fate. If you ask me, when you are down, that is when you should tell yourself that things cannot get any worse. You are down and at that moment, if you look around, you will realize that there is only one way: up!

There is no upside to giving up, just downside. And if you don’t believe in yourself, then who will? Even the people that love you the most, they will not believe in you unless you give them a reason to. This is not to say that you should believe in yourself in order to gain favour and be liked by others. You believe in yourself for your own sake. You believe in yourself because you love and respect yourself. You believe in yourself because you want to see yourself do better and be better. Belief in yourself is the foundation of your personality and your life. Sounds too heavy as a concept? I think not. I believe “believing in yourself” is the genesis of who you are.

You shouldn’t give up on yourself. You should protect yourself and take care of yourself as best as you can. Not believing in yourself is the equivalent of neglecting yourself a little bit. You have strengths and weaknesses, like everybody else. Find your weaknesses, find the situations that make you feel inadequate, find the situations you struggle with (for me, I struggle with disrespect and anger, I am still working on those!). Now, get better. Improve. Train your mind. Train your body. Train your resilience. Accept you will fail more times than you will succeed. But please, remember that giving up on yourself isn’t an option. Let it be temporary and bounce back. It shouldn’t be permanent.

You matter. Your life matters. Please believe in yourself for you.

Just one man’s opinion.

Now, smile, don’t give up on yourself and go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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