What if it was? Are your affairs in order or were you waiting to take care of them, because, you thought that tomorrow never dies? We are always procrastinating and postponing deeds thinking we have another day to accomplish them. Perhaps we don’t. I am not trying to scare you, I am just pointing out we don’t know what life has in store for us.

Today is your last day.

Did you smile yesterday, or did you spend more time being grumpy? Did you let go of the trespasses of others or are you holding on to them? And if you are holding on, why would you do that? I am sure you don’t like wasting time and energy being a slave to those negative feelings. Sadly, we do hold on to those things and most of them aren’t worth it.

Today is your last day

What is the first thing you would do upon hearing those 5 words? Who would you think of? Where would you go? I hope you think about loved ones, I hope you’d go to a place that makes you happy, I hope you’d tell people you love them for the millionth time, not the first time. I cannot see any downsides to sharing love with others.

Today is you last day.

Did you accomplish more good deeds than bad? Is the sum of your happy moments superior to your sad moments? Did you live a happy life? Are you happy? If you are not happy, well then, make yourself happy. It sounds kind of simple. Maybe it is or maybe it isn’t. But it is always a good thing to try and be happy. If you don’t try, then you won’t know, will you?

Today is your last day

Are you afraid? I know am. I don’t know what is on the other side. Death scares me. Yet, I know what is on this side. Why not spend more time thinking of this side and not ever worry about the other side, that unknown place, if there is one? Why not leave the unknown alone? This physical world is all we have until proven otherwise. Let’s be in the moment and not worry about inexplicable and mysterious places that may or may not exist. Here matters, now matters.

Today is your last day.

It isn’t your last day though, is it? We never know. How can one predict the day? You could have it all planned, down to the last second and then, the unexpected happens. It shows up from nowhere, conquers all, throws you off your game and your senses. You are left there, lost, hurt and blindsided. It happens. It is sad when it does. But it won’t happen to you. Hopefully not. No one could ever guarantee what the future holds. We just hope it all goes well. It will. Positive energy and optimistic thoughts are always needed, and you can never be too much of an optimist in my opinion.

Today is your last day.

What were you doing yesterday? Or the day before? Suddenly, it doesn’t really matter. What was the point of everything? Was there ever a purpose? What does it all mean? Everyone thinks they have the answer to that and answers vary from one person to another. You define your own world and how you live. You give meaning to your own life. But in the end, was everything meaningful? You better hope it was. You better hope you lived a life that a positive impact on this earth and those around you. Pray that you left joy, good times and smiles. Don’t leave negative marks on this beautiful canvas that is life. Be a beacon of hope and smiles.

Today is your last day.

It is just a sentence, not a wish. I am almost certain that today isn’t your last day. I am just trying to prove a point.

One last thing…if today was your last day, wouldn’t you want to smile? I know I would. Going out with a smile ain’t that bad after all.

Just one man’s opinion.

Now, smile, it isn’t your last day, and just go on with another day of your precious life.

Freeman. B

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