I can see from here that you think this is another text where I am being judgemental, and you are right. I judge people. I do it, consciously and subconsciously. The neurons in my body are wired that way. I am fully aware that it might not be the best thing to do. Yet, for the subject of today, I can easily admit that I do it, consciously, without any hesitation.

Please understand, I am not using prejudice, which means “preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience” according to the dictionary. I am judging these people on their merit and especially after talking to them, asking them questions, troubleshooting whatever I do not understand, and I do try to put my biases aside. It isn’t a foolproof system, but I only use it on this group of people.

I am sure you wonder who these people are. Well, once put together, they form a peculiar group. The latter is made of people from all walks of life: their gender, skin color, religion, social status, academic background, sexual orientation, profession or financial status have nothing to do with their inclusion in my odd group.

I cannot and will not stand nor understand people who don’t accept facts. Does that make me a bigot? Am I intolerant for thinking this way? Perhaps, I am a bigot and an intolerant ass. Yet, I try my best not to judge those who cannot accept facts, I even walk away sometimes from discussions, but the questions linger in my head. How can someone dispute facts? I am talking about quantifiable, measurable, provable facts. I am talking about numbers, things that can be demonstrated scientifically, things that have been studied, things on which experiments have been done proving that they are real and no amount of wishes, beliefs, feelings can change.

Some facts? Oxygen is needed for a fire to burn, DNA is real, and you can trace your lineage with it, gravity is real, the earth has a spherical shape, dolphins are mammals, death is final, Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time (yes!), etc. These are facts, unchangeable facts until science proves something new. Yet, for now, these are the facts. You can challenge them only by proving they are false. If you cannot, then…

My bias comes from my mind, a scientist’s mind, one that functions in facts, physics, math, chemistry, biology, statistics. To my simple wired mind, facts supersede everything. They supersede my feelings, beliefs and biases. New facts put old theories and beliefs aside. Truth is invalidated or, let’s say put aside, the moment new facts are presented to me. I hate it when that happens, but it is the way of the world.

I am fully aware that in the era where technology is everywhere, and google more so, people should be more aware, more educated on certain if not all subjects. They ought to believe at facts but even facts can be manufactured these days. Let’s not go further from “Fake News” and a specific case of a “wanna-be” scientist saying that vaccinations cause autism, which was debunked by every scientist that read the paper written by that idiot.

I am not smarter than others, I do not hold a higher truth nor am I looking to do so. That is not my job. Yet, I have spent the past weeks arguing with a few people who refuse to accept new facts and they prefer to hold on to their outdated, old and frankly, wrong beliefs. I know in this era of political correctness, it is offensive to say someone is wrong. Well, sometimes you are fucking wrong, sometimes I am fucking, sometimes we are all fucking wrong! There is no shame in that!

If we talk about philosophy or religion, who the hell knows if Socrates had higher knowledge compared to Spinoza? Who the hell knows who created the world or when or why or how? No one knows that for sure, we all have beliefs as to how we got here. Nevertheless, if we talk about how many people died last year of cancer, the number of children born in Spain, the distance from the moon to earth, the cost of oil (even if it is arbitrarily set), the number of university graduates, all these things are quantifiable! There cannot be any argument there.

The past few weeks have been weirdly revealing about how some people stick to their beliefs when they are wrong. It could be out of pride, fear of looking ignorant or stupid, the possibility of being shamed and mocked, it could be out of stubbornness, etc.

This is not to tell people how and what to think but, even if it sounds, I am doing just that, but facts are there to help us make our minds better. A part of being intelligent is to accept that facts change over time and you must keep up with the world’s evolution.

Accepting new facts shows you are adaptable. It shows you are willing to learn. It shows you are not stubborn, it shows you are not stupid even if others will try to shame you. It shows you have an open mind, it shows you are willing to put your pride aside so you could learn. It shows you are humble, it shows you accept that you don’t know everything and that there is room to improve. It shows that you are indeed intelligent. It shows that you are evolving. How can those things ever be bad for you? Keep accepting new facts. You will end up being better.

Just one man’s opinion, not facts!

Now, smile and go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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