I recently watched a video, it lasted 58 seconds and it was the end of the interview with Coby White, the number 7 pick of the 2019 NBA draft, from North Carolina university. In the video, Coby White is told that his college teammate and friend, Cameron Johnson, was picked at number 11 in the same draft. Both young men have been selected to play in the NBA this fall, meaning they have just fulfilled their dreams.

What is special about this interview is that young Coby White simply cannot contain his enthusiasm and joy to hear his friend and teammate got to the NBA. He is ecstatic, he cannot stop smiling and laughing, he keeps saying “WOW, Bro”, he claps, he jumps up and down his seat like a kid who just got offered candy and he says at some point “That’s so love, Bro!”. Altruistically, he even puts his own big defining moment aside to talk about his teammate.

He praises his teammate, how much of a hard worker he is, what a great guy he is and finally how much he deserves being selected to play in the NBA. The video of 58 seconds is filled with positivity, love and friendship between two teammates, between two young men. Please watch the video on YouTube, you will end up smiling like a lunatic and you will be overjoyed like a 6-year-old.

Coby White is a 19-year-old black kid with one dream; playing in the NBA. Thanks to his hard work and consistency, his dream is about to be fulfilled in a few months when he will put on that legendary Chicago Bulls jersey. For the record, I mentioned his age as a sign of respect, not as a way of dismissing him because his young age doesn’t match the apparent maturity he has displayed in various interviews and how he had conducted himself, on and off the court. I admit having been impressed by his demeanor and energy, so I looked him up. I wanted to see for myself what kind of player he is. He didn’t disappoint! The man is a hell of a player and has a bright future ahead of him, one I will be watching.

During my non-extensive research, I found a personal essay he wrote a week ago. He talks about losing his father to liver cancer a few years ago and how it had affected him. His text is wonderfully written and profoundly poignant. The one thing I love about his essay, is that he doesn’t hold back. He is immensely vulnerable as he writes with eloquence, honesty and adds great details about his state of mind, as well as his family’s.

I was almost brought to tears as he talks about his late father, his Superman, as he calls him. I can relate to that feeling since my own father is my Superman. I am lucky enough to still have my father at my age, but young Coby doesn’t. Yet, that didn’t stop him from being a top prospect in this year draft and a future star in the NBA.

Most importantly, the devastation and tremendous loss he went through, didn’t make him bitter. I am so glad it didn’t. He is 19 yet, he has so much zest for life. He laughs and gets excited for his teammate. That is the inner quality we all look for but rarely find. Coby White is a mature man despite his short tenure on this earth. His loss forced him to grow up faster than most young adults, but he still has that joy and excitement that he must have had as a child.

I am not afraid to admit that I want to be more like him. I want to have that enthusiasm, that energy, that excitement. I am always hyped when things go my way and when my people are happy and/or succeed yet, I feel that I could always do more. Coby White’s interview showed me that I need to be more like him on the joy and hyping fronts.

Frankly, I believe we, as a society, need more of that positive energy. Coby White reminded me that life is full of joy and especially when we CHOOSE to be happy and find happiness. I do not know him and I highly doubt I will ever get to meet him but through that amazing video, he was able to teach me something priceless; never let go of that joy, never stop being excited for your people, never lose your inner child energy.

There is a child in all of us. I am referring to the side of our personality that wants and needs to have fun, to laugh, to smile, to run, to do innocent and harmless pranks. Remember that insatiable energy we all had as kids. I am talking about our inner child. I am talking about the part of our souls that seemingly hasn’t been touched by the vicissitudes of life, the daily stress, the various issues we encounter as we go through life, whatever they may be. I am talking about our innocence; I am talking about our primal self. We tend to dismiss that side of us, we see it as obsolete.

You will often hear others telling you to “be serious, this life isn’t a joke, every moment you are not serious, you are wasting time, etc.” Moreover, this fast-moving world has tricked us into believing that being excited for simple things, being full of energy, being happy because we are sitting outside enjoying the sun, and so much more, all that is a waste of time.

Nothing could farther from the truth. There is nothing wrong with being enthusiastic. One could always be a bit more enthusiastic. There is nothing wrong with being excited. There is nothing wrong with having energy. Yes, some people might see you as an annoying asshole because you might have a greater positive energy than average. That is their opinion, and they are entitled to one. However, that shouldn’t get in the way of your happiness.

I have come to realize there is no greater blessing than being happy for no goddamn reason. Furthermore, hyping your friends and family when they are doing something good, great or amazing is one of the most fulfilling things you could do. Being happy for them, encouraging them, clapping for them, telling them they are doing great and finally being excited like a kid…Those are the little blessings that we tend to put aside or forget about because we are too busy with our lives. Yet, nothing is more precious than letting that kid-like energy out and shine. We mustn’t forget to shine, like children do.

Thank you, young master Coby White for reminding me that, being happy for others and getting excited like you did, are blessings we often don’t recognize.

Let’s be more excited for ourselves and others, let’s hype people up, let’s be happy for them and their accomplishments and especially, let’s say it out loud. Let’s scream it at the top of our lungs for everyone to hear. Let’s spread positivity and love like Coby White did.

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day.

Freeman. B


Here are the two links.

The 58 second video:

The essay by Coby White:

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