What if your blessings are taken away?

What if your blessings vanish?

What if your blessings slowly and inexorably disappear?

That is an almost impossible situation to imagine. It hurts me to even think about it as I write these lines. I couldn’t possibly imagine losing everything I have. It terrifies me to my very core. However, I am old enough to understand life’s unpredictability. A thing that seems to be sure today can be uncertain tomorrow or even be taken away. One could scream about life being unfair yet, it wouldn’t change a damn thing. So, what if your blessings disappear in a puff of smoke? What happens then? What would you do? What would I do?

I have an answer for that. I think…Well, find new blessings.

I am dumbfounded myself as to how easy and simple it sounds. But it isn’t that complicated. Or is it? When a blessing is taken away, only pain and anger follow. Our very sense of reality is questioned, our life is shattered in a thousand pieces the way crystal glass shatters. It becomes nearly impossible to think clearly. Yet, as time goes by, pain fades and we regain our senses. So, now, what do we do? I say, find new blessings.

Let’s be honest, let’s be real to quote a rapper whose name I don’t remember; Life will give you certain blessings freely. Some people are simply born and by their first breath, they are showered with blessings. How does that happen? The Gods only know. You get blessings, but it doesn’t mean you necessarily deserve them. The implication being that for most of your blessings, you didn’t work to get them, you didn’t buy them, you didn’t acquire them in any way. It happens. Some people are lucky, others aren’t. We could sit around a table and argue metaphysics, causality, destiny, fate, karma, God and so on. There is no definitive answer but the answers we choose to believe in. So, once again, the blessings are taken away. What do we do?

I am sounding redundant, but we find new blessings. Yes, we must. Otherwise, we would be giving up in life. Allow me to put a disclaimer here: I do not know how one comes back from severe trauma (losing a child, rape, PTSD from war, depression, etc.). I do not have all the answers, nor will I ever pretend to do so. However, I am a firm believer of finding new blessings. I will not tell you that it is easy, or everyone can do it. It is a case by case instance, but most people tend to find new blessings so that means, it is possible. The way to go about it, that is a specific and costumed way for each individual.

Finding new blessings is within anyone’s grasp I believe.  Finding your own blessings means that you choose to be happy. It means you choose to live a life that fulfills you. It means you choose people that respond to your energy and it means you actively reject negativity and negative people. It means you find things to be happy about above all else. I find my own blessings through the way I live my life. It is that simple for me.

However I am aware that not all people see the world as I do. The blessings I choose are a product of my life, my experiences, my environment, my philosophy, my education, etc. I am talking about my own way which, once again, shouldn’t be used as blueprint for anyone else or feel free to do so.

A blessing could be anything you want it to be. There are no specific guidelines or rules. A blessing could be the people around you. It could be a career that fulfills you, a way of life that brings you joy and love. It could be getting new friends, connecting with others. It could be having a family of your own. It could be travelling, helping others, making money, playing a sport for a living, writing, teaching, being a doctor, an architect, a professional youtuber and I could go on for a thousand pages. It doesn’t matter how you define a blessing as long as you see it as one. I have seen a few people whose life hasn’t been easy find ways to be happy. They live their lives positively and they stay away from negativity like the plague that it is. I salute them and I only want to be more like them!

Finding new blessings is definitely a way of life. Finding new blessings is about resilience, it is about understanding that nothing is eternal or guaranteed. Finding new blessings means you experiment, it means you don’t give up on life or people. Finding new blessings is a muscle, one you need to work on because if you don’t, it will atrophy. Finding new blessings, well, is about not letting the negative things in life overwhelm you and change the foundation of who you are. Dare I say that finding new blessings is also about smiling. Finding new blessings is also recognizing that you already are blessed today. Yes, you are. Yes, things might be hard, but you are blessed. If you look around, you will see the blessings. Just close your eyes and breathe. I know you can feel them. What you just did, that is a part of finding new blessings.

Let’s find new blessings. Today’s blessings might not be there tomorrow, but it matters not. We shall find new blessings, over and over again. Let’s enjoy life and whenever the skies are gray or even dark, let’s remember tomorrow is another day and it will be another chance to find at least one new blessing. I want to thank all of you for reading my posts, that was a new blessing for me about 2 years ago and it continues to be a blessing today. I am sure if it disappeared, I would find a new blessing. I always do. That is how I was built by my DNA and my experiences. A new blessing awaits me now, I gotta go find it and enjoy it!

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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