I see light in people as a default position. Such a mentality can be good or bad, depending on the case and, of course, the context. Seeing light in people as soon as we meet, is one of my qualities, not flaws. I categorically refuse to see darkness in people as a default position. That is a bleak way of looking at the world and I want no part in it. I unequivocally reject pessimism. I’d rather be cautious. So, how can one differentiate light from darkness in a person’s soul? That part is quite tricky.

Most people will hide their darkness, and, in most cases, their darkness is mild. I know I have a mild case of darkness. No vengeful or murderous thoughts inhabit my soul, I thank all the Gods for that. If you look around, you will see that most people are harmless. They just want to be left alone and they prefer spending their time trying to be decent.

Yet, there is a subspecies of the human race that isn’t nice, decent, polite, caring or optimistic. That subspecies encompasses people from all walks of life. They surely walk amongst us and usually, they are hard to spot. But, sometimes, rarely I’d say, you see their darkness right away. Those few bad apples push certain people to dismiss people’s light. That is such a shame because the people who tend to see darkness are the people who have been hurt and disappointed numerous times. Then again, if you have seen too much darkness, it becomes your world. Who can blame you? However, you might see darkness when there is none.

My DNA, my upbringing, my parents’ behavior and my own worldview compel me to see the light in people. Once again, that is my default position. I am not perfect, but I choose consciously to see the light in people until their darkness manifests itself. Therefore, whenever I meet someone, unless they are immensely and obviously mean, I see light. Moreover, sometimes, I can feel an overall bad energy which turns the light off. Otherwise, every person I encounter is a light bearer, a potential friend, a possible future brother or sister.

Can I be biased? Of course, I can, and it has happened on more than one occasion. Yet, I have rarely made a bad call on someone. I am talking about my own statistics. However, let me be transparent; whenever I am wrong about a person, it hurts. Yes, it fucking hurts. I have made some sizeable mistakes which resulted in me being immensely disappointed and sad. I have let people come close to me, I have opened to them and I have welcomed into my world and then, they would show their true colors and disappoint me. It happens. Incidents like that leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth and my soul usually pays the ultimate price because of the sadness that ensues.

A person can show you a part of them, the good one, the decent one and hide the bad. Sometimes, they can even pretend to be someone else, they can dupe you. It happens. It is undetectable sometimes. Then we spent our time being bitter about it or telling ourselves that we should have seen this or that sign. Life isn’t always that simple. You read people and you judge them on their actions yet we forget that actions can seem good hearted but when the shit hits the fan, the same kind person can turn into a whole different and mean individual. Again, it happens.

I always try to see the positive in someone, before seeing anything else. I do say “try” because it isn’t easy. Our judgment is affected by so many things; people’s appearance, their accent, their walk, their clothes, their speech, their body language, their eyes, their whole demeanor. Studies even say that we tend to see beautiful people more favorably than people who aren’t beautiful. Our judgment is as fragile as crystal glass placed at edge of the table while people are dancing around it. We have biases, we are prejudiced, we can also be a little bigoted or racist, I am not afraid to say it plainly. It happens.

The idea here, is to go against all the overwhelming information that keeps attacking our bodies and mind. It is hard work. I try my best to see people’s light. Some would say it is my inherent naiveté and they could think they are right but I know they are not. People’s light is a sign of their humanity, of our common values, which are greater than our differences. As far as I know, my light isn’t different from anyone else’s. I just need to see it. I must seek it. I must accept it. However, I must also accept some people carry more darkness than light. It happens.

My eyes and my soul were never trained to see darkness. I have my wonderful parents to thank for that. I see light. That is who I am. I see light until I don’t. As I said before, seeing light at all costs, allowed me to let the wrong people in my life and as a corollary, I got hurt in the process. Yes, you didn’t see the game and it hurts. It always does. However, I humbly ask you, what is the alternative? Seeing darkness to avoid POTENTIALLY getting hurt? I will not subscribe to that grim worldview.

I would rather trust people, get hurt, cry and scream and then go on trusting new people. That is my worldview, that is how I choose to live my life. I have been on this planet long enough to know the number of good, decent and well-intentioned people vastly outweigh the people with bad intentions, the people whose darkness swallows their light.

People are light bearers. They carry hope and decency. Once again, not all people carry a visible light but enough of them do and it helps me to see light constantly around me. I do see light in people, no matter where they come from or who they are. I see their light until they choose to show me their darkness. Then, I will deal with them accordingly.

Seek the light in people. Seek their humanity. If you see darkness, move along. Otherwise, seek the light and your life will be better. I have been doing it for more than 30 years. I am quite happy with seeing the light in people.

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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