A dream isn’t easy. It isn’t an easy thing. Personally, I say openly that this writing thing isn’t easy. Let me clarify that statement by saying I am not complaining. How could I ever complain about doing what I love? That would be another way of defining “insanity”.

This goes for every occupation, profession, relationships, cash flow, emotions, etc. Everything in this life has its peaks and valleys, its highs and lows. No one complains about the highs and no one ever should, could or would. We tend to complain about the lows and we probably shouldn’t, but it is embedded in our nature. Complaining varies depending on who you talk to, but it is usually around when we hit the low points in the valley.

The highs are magical. It is like standing at the peak of a mountain, after a long and tedious climb. Exhilaration is the only feeling roaming through the bloodstream. For myself, I absolutely and unequivocally love the highs. I can usually feel the creativity, the energy booming in my body and mind. When the high is intense, I must unwillingly push myself to stop writing so I can get some sleep. As creative as I am while I write, I cannot escape reality which tells me that I have a job. Those highs are delightful. I even find myself writing several stories simultaneously! That is when I am the most in love with my craft.

Then, suddenly, without any warning, the energy disappears. I hit the valley, or rather the lowest point of the valley, where there is barely any light or energy. It feels like a general sense of fatigue, the kind we all have experienced in our lives. We all have encountered that low energy at work, at home, in our relationships, with the kids, the spouse, the boss, etc. I have come to accept that my lows are just a simple fact of life. Nothing is ever constant, except time unless we enter the realm of quantum physics and we are not about to do that!

The lows aren’t easy at all as we might know. Our mental strength, just like the physical one, have their limits. We are not bulletproof nor are we made of steel. We run into lows and they hurt because they bring a sense of uneasiness, weakness, impotence (not in the sexual sense, for the love of all the Gods!). The lows are sometimes riddled with self doubt, the worst kind of doubt. We start questioning a million things and we dismiss whatever we don’t like or whatever subject that makes us doubt ourselves even more. A myriad of questions such as “what is going on?”, “how do I get out of this?”, “why is this happening? To me? Now?”, and so on.

As life has taught us, no one stays in the valley or at the peak eternally. No high or low is infinite. It is all cyclical. Today, you aren’t doing well, but tomorrow, you might just be smiling and vice versa. I get “writer’s block” every now and again. Nothing interferes with my dream more than the damn writer’s block. When that happens, I find myself writing something and stopping after a few sentences. I start again and stop once more. I delete everything and start over. Sometimes, I don’t feel like writing, but I slightly force myself to write something, anything, one thing to get my creative process going. Sometimes it works, other times it just doesn’t.

I used to be hard on myself. My brain would scream “write something! Publish! You are going to lose your talent or your ability to write!”. It would get to me and I would write out of desperation, I’d say. Whenever that happens, I find myself doing a poor job and I feel a blandness in my texts. They seem to lack life, energy and panache. That is what I consider a poor job.

So…I have chosen a different path. Now, I wait. This writing thing has taught me patience on a whole other level. Moreover, I try to put this patience in my everyday life and apply it to my everyday interactions. I know there are thousands of things I cannot fix; therefore, I simply wait. It might sound like I am accepting defeat, but I am simply accepting that my powers have limits. I cannot fix everything, and I have accepted that crucial fact. Regarding my creative process, when I am in the valley, I write a little something, a sentence or two or maybe even a title but I don’t push it any further. I am fully aware I cannot force the creative process or even fix something sometimes.

Go back and think about any relationship. Sometimes, you just need to let go and accept you cannot regain control of what is happening. Sometimes, you just need to wait. Things have a strange way of fixing themselves. Life has a way of resolving issues, of rekindling the flame of what you love or what you are doing. Sometimes, you just got to wait.

I have also found that living your dream isn’t easy. My dream is to write for a living and let me tell you, it is by far the hardest thing I have ever done so far. I write every chance I get and it allows me to keep my mind sharp and hopefully, I will get to make a living out of my passion one day.

However, a dream isn’t easy. It isn’t an easy thing to live with, to accomplish, to sustain. It is a constant challenge, a constant battle somehow. A dream is like life; it has its highs and lows. A dream needs attention, care, dedication and sometimes, rarely, it needs to be left alone, as crazy as it sounds. You cannot force a dream to become reality. As weird and unorthodox it sounds, a dream must be left alone every now and then. Sometimes, you just got to stay still. If you force a dream or anything at all for that matter, you will get the worst results.

It isn’t easy. It never was and it never will be. A dream isn’t an easy thing. Effort and dedication help us make the dream “easier” and with time, it becomes a reality. Keep that dream alive and remember it isn’t easy but that is not a license for you to give up. Do not give up, it is your dream after all. It is YOUR DREAM.

Just keep in mind that it isn’t easy. That is a fact.

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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