It takes courage to be yourself, to exist as you are, and hopefully to be accepted by others.

It takes courage to create something of your own, whether it is a business venture, an artistic endeavor, or any other of the million things that your mind can conceive.

It takes courage to be decent and polite. Being influenced by negative behaviour is so common and easy these days. However, refusing to be touched by the negative energy that flows in the air, and you choose to persevere in being decent and polite, that is courage.

It takes courage to fight for yourself, to fight injustice, to fight for those who can’t. Fights aren’t easy, so any fight you choose to engage in, your primary weapon must be courage.

It takes courage to improve. You subliminally understand there is room for that improvement, it means you admit to yourself that you can and should do better in life or any other area. Accepting you are not good enough, it takes courage.

It takes courage to be self aware about our flaws and qualities. You are not inadequate, you are just not ready, or you haven’t trained enough. Knowing your weaknesses and strengths, that is self awareness and courage.

It takes courage to accept standing out because you are different. Society has a set of laws and rules and stepping out of those rules, it can easily make you a pariah. If you accept being a pariah, it is extremely uncomfortable. But if you are doing it for the right reasons or because your values don’t allow you to follow that line drawn by society, then you are courageous.

It takes courage to admit fault. We all fuck up but rare are those who admit it. If you can admit it to yourself and others, congratulations to you because you are courageous!

It takes courage to accept you are afraid. Fear is a virus, that can easily infect you and create chaos in your world. Accepting that fear in sight and especially conquering that fear, is the very definition of courage.

It takes courage to seek help because you are burnt out or because your body and mind have given up or because you cannot accomplish a task. Most of us would prefer suffering in silence than asking for help. No one is all powerful, we all need help from time to time and it is not shameful to ask for help.

It takes courage to disagree with those you love. Relationships aren’t about agreeing all the damn time. You disagree often on pretty much everything. Disagreeing without being boastful or disrespectful and risking conflict in the process, that is courage.

It takes courage to change directions in life. Caution and security are aphrodisiacs. Discomfort and risks are treated like the plague. Yet, discomfort helps you adapt and grow. I frankly salute all those who find the courage to walk the path of discomfort.

It takes courage to cut off people, the wrong people. We all want to be friendly and liked. However, some people aren’t good for us, for various reasons. Cutting them off is one of the hardest things a person can do but in the long run, it is worth it. Such actions require the ultimate courage.

It takes courage to be honest and truthful. Lies can create a comfort zone, a temporary one, to be sure. Lying will save you temporarily, not perrmanently. Truth is the best disinfectant, no matter how unpleasant at first. Being truthful and honest, while not antagonizing people, that is a rare equilibrium. I admire honest people. The Gods only know I aspire to be as honest as humanely possible.

It takes courage to love. We won’t even go into the vulnerability and the feeling of being naked (physically and mostly emotionally) that comes with love. Whoever can say “I love you” to anyone they love, you deserve a medal. Keep that love and courage going!

It takes courage to forgive and to ask for forgiveness. The humility behind both actions is nothing compared to the guts it takes to say, “I am sorry” or to say “I accept your apology”. May the Gods bless you if you can forgive and if you can ask for forgiveness.

It takes courage to be positive when all you see is negativity. Being positive is an attitude, it is a way of life, it is a philosophy. Seeing the light in the darkest of rooms, believing that things will get better, believing that you will eventually be ok, that is courage.

It takes courage to be consistent in what you say or do. Distractions are everywhere, and they could try to derail you and break your discipline. Consistency is key to any kind of success and hopefully, to happiness.

It takes courage to read these texts everyday. MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE COURAGEOUS.

It takes courage to smile every day. Things aren’t always peachy. Life is complicated and sad moments aren’t necessarily rare. It is hard to smile when the skies are gray. Yet, some of you do smile despite of what is going on. Perhaps, you would agree that “A day without a smile, is a wasted day”.

It takes courage to just be, I guess. Courage is a muscle anyway. Use it frequently and it would surely get stronger. Trust me, I know.

I am going to stop here. This list could go on for days.

Just one man’s opinion.

Now, smile, be courageous and go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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