The genesis of any idea is to be celebrated. The audacity, the fortitude to create something out of thin air, the courage to dare and create something of your own, are to be celebrated. Of course, having an idea is a big step, but what becomes of an idea if it isn’t made into something tangible? If it stays abstract, then it is just a dream. It isn’t a goal. It must be “materialized” so to speak. It must be made real. An idea can stay in limbo forever if it isn’t transformed into something others can understand, see, touch, feel. 

There is a beginning for everything in this life. However, people tend to celebrate more once their idea has been made real, as they should. The celebration because you crossed the finish line is a feeling like no other. That celebratory feeling is of pure joy and as we celebrate, we remember all the frustration we went through in our journey towards our goal. At that moment, you think of your voyage and how hard it was, and you celebrate even more. It is a feeling like no other. When a project is materialized, only euphoria and ecstasy exist. That celebration carries a uniquely satisfying feeling. That is a fact.

Nonetheless, I do need to insist it is a shame people don’t see how important it is, to celebrate, without vanity or arrogance I might add, the birth of an idea. I understand those who would say there is nothing to celebrate. You just had an idea. That is all. Why celebrate that? I get it. We all have ideas all the time, our brains never stop working.

Yet, I firmly believe celebrating the beginning is crucial. The birth of an idea isn’t a small feat and you should celebrate that precious birth. The beginning of anything should be celebrated. I don’t want to make an easy comparison, but we do celebrate the birth of children. We do not know how those tiny little human beings will turn out, but we do celebrate them, we celebrate their arrival into this world. Why not do the same with an idea that could lead to the improvement of our lives or to the creation of a business or a new scientific breakthrough or an idea that could lead to a movie or a best seller or a new fashion line, and so on? Why not? I believe we should, if not, must celebrate the genesis of an idea.

We don’t celebrate enough the first steps, except when children start walking. It takes courage to create, to think, to come up with an original idea, or to use an existing idea and transform it, make it better, improve on it. An idea or concept can be artistic, financial, academic, professional and so on. Do I need to do this? Ok. Let me do it. Facebook, Apple, Ford, Nutella, Beer, Bread, planes, etc. They all started with an idea. It took years and decades to make them real but if you go back long enough, you can trace the exact moment a person had a “Eureka” feeling but didn’t run naked in the streets like Archimedes did!

We are all uniquely equipped to create something, I believe that with all my heart and I refuse to believe there is a human being that isn’t creative. I believe creation exists in different shapes and degrees. Some are highly creative; others are moderately so. Perhaps, we are not encouraged enough by our environment, our society, sometimes our parents unfortunately, or we are afraid to think outside the box, or we are terrified of failure, or we obsess about what others will think of us and our ideas. Yes, we do limit ourselves. It is unfortunate, sad really. We are prisoners of norms and existing structures. But that is the human condition and a subject for another day.

I understand there seems to be nothing to celebrate when you JUST have an idea. However, you didn’t JUST have an idea. Your brain worked and it came up with something. Yes, let’s be honest, let’s be real, you cannot take a victory parade or advertise it on social media or on tv because you technically haven’t done anything yet. That is true. Nevertheless, there was a birth in your mind. That, is something to celebrate, be happy about, be proud of, call it whatever you want but it needs celebration. I find it crucial because it gives you a little nudge to move forward. It is proof you are creative, you want to make something, whatever it is. That is, worthy of celebration.

Celebrate your courage, celebrate your ideas, celebrate your thoughts. Please understand, by celebrating, I mean be happy with your ideas, be positive, be optimistic. You don’t have to throw a damn party, ok? Believe in your ideas, protect them at all cost, take care of those ideas, polish them, caress them like a mother would caress her children. Improve on them. Go out and try to make them real. Attempt something new. It is fucking scary, but nothing is more painful than thinking back and wondering what could have been.

Think of your ideas as a part of yourself because they are part of yourself, embrace them and do your best to make them real. Remember, there are a lot of people out there who could help you if you don’t know where to start or if you are stuck. Just be humble enough once you see your limitations and ask for help.  We live in a world where within a few clicks and seconds, you could find someone to help you or you could find a video on YouTube that could help you do whatever it is you are aiming to do. This interconnected world is an infinite source of information. Use it. Do not sleep on your idea. Work on it and do your best to materialize it.

Celebrate that genesis. It is as crucial as celebrating the accomplishment in the end.

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day!

Freeman. B

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