What if I told you there is this organization that committed fraud? Well, you would expect the wheels of justice to turn and punish those responsible for the felony/crime. Enron is a perfect example in the US, where it committed accounting fraud to hide its financial problems. In 2008, Freddie Mac, AIG, Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns, all committed fraud in the US, with the mortgage subprime scandal. They got away with it by paying fines, declaring bankruptcy or getting government bailouts. A few people went to jail, but millions of people lost their jobs, houses, pensions and their dignity. Justice didn’t prevail unfortunately. Nevertheless, you’d ask for justice.

Now, what if I told you there is an organization that committed crimes against humanity against millions of people for centuries? Well, most of those companies don’t exist anymore. Certain subsidiaries of those companies exist today (JP Morgan Chase, AIG had parent companies back in the day) but we can never blame the current leadership for slavery since it was abolished in 1865. So, those old companies made their money and never got punished. Once again and unfortunately, justice didn’t prevail. Nevertheless, you’d ask for justice.

Since the end of the 19th century, many corporations profited from colonizing Africa and Asia and some of those corporations still do today. Their interests are deeply embedded in the African economies and it’s only fair to say that the level of poverty in most African countries is PARTLY due to that fact. Still being take advantage of to this day. Unfortunately, justice hasn’t prevailed. Nevertheless, you’d ask for justice.

What if I told you there is an organization that has committed crimes most of us can only describe as horrible and inhumane? What if I told you this organization still exists and thrives today? Members and employees of this organization, raped, sexually assaulted and sexually abused kids and teenagers. They committed those crimes for decades; some estimates go as far as a century. But one cannot keep injustice under silence forever. Once their board of directors found out about those crimes, instead of alerting the police so the culprits could be prosecuted, they simply covered up the whole sordid affair. Covering up a crime is a crime which can be added to the long list of crimes this organization has committed over the years.

Rape and sexual assaults are one of the most serious and heinous crimes along with murder. The victims were kids and teenagers, making those crimes even more unbearable. There is no context that can justify those crimes. Murder can be justified if it is self defense, war, or an accident. But raping and sexually assaulting kids?? There is no justification whatsoever, I do not care what anyone says. If you find any reason to justify the crimes, then go fuck yourself.  Those crimes destroy a person’s mind, body and psychological balance, forever. Victims cannot function and few can cope with the horrible things that were done to them by adults who were supposed to help them. Instead, those bastards took advantage of their innocence and ruined their lives. I believe you all know what organization I am talking about.

If it was up to me, anyone guilty of those crimes, along with those who covered it up, would rot in a jail cell, for the rest of their natural lives. I would even fund research to bring them back to life so they can go back to jail for several decades more! But it isn’t up to me, unfortunately and fortunately for those criminals.

This organization has been around for almost 2 thousand years and it’s still around. It has great political power, it has money, influence and it is an integral of most societies. It’s been around so long that people don’t even question its relevancy, its mission, its flaws. Moreover, as soon as someone mention the word G-O-D, then critical thinking goes out the window, and the word blasphemy takes over. I know GOD isn’t responsible for all this, men are. Yet, they claim to be men of GOD.

You can think I hate religion and God. Feel free. The truth is, I don’t care about either. I care about people. I care about people being abused and taken advantage of, without anyone saying anything. I am not perfect, but I know I haven’t committed crimes like that! The catholic church has had the behaviour of a criminal organisation, using everything in its arsenal, to stay untouchable, to stay in power and to never pay for its crimes by covering them. That is a mafia mentality, that is the most basic of criminal behaviors, but they represent God, so let’s not say anything. They do a lot of good on the side, so let’s not say anything. They keep societies together, especially in times of crisis, so let’s not say anything. They offer comfort to the poor and the meek, so let’s not say anything.

Any organization is the sum of its actions; good and bad. However, celebrating the good and ignoring the bad makes us look like hypocrites. We are hypocrites, by nature but there should be a limit to our hypocrisy! The catholic church has done a lot of good, there is no denying that. The list is absurdly long, and we salute them for the good they have done.

 Yet, by those terrible and hateful crimes, it has become a criminal organization. It should be treated as such. It should be prosecuted, condemned and dismantled. Its belongings should be sold to compensate the victims and to fund charity organizations that haven’t committed any crimes. Any other organization guilty of those charges would meet the same fate.

All the crimes can be found on the internet. Just google “catholic church scandal” and you will see many extremely detailed official reports of the crimes and the cover-ups that span all 5 continents. Incredible amounts of money were paid to buy people’s silence or to settle the court cases. These aren’t allegations, myths, hearsay, rumors or fake news. THESE ARE FACTS!

The times of being burned alive at stake for criticizing the catholic church are long gone. So, fuck the catholic church, fuck everyone who committed those crimes, fuck those covered them and fuck anyone who chooses to close their eyes at those horrendous crimes. Put yourself in the victims’ shoes and imagine how you’d feel.

Just one man’s opinion.

Now, as hard as it may sound, smile and go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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