This pandemic is yet another proof of how insignificant human life is. We are just dots on a gigantic board. We are not special. I am merely pointing out that if we disappeared, collectively, as a species, the earth would still go around the sun and other life forms would thrive, as they did before we came along.

We thought and still think we are special, right? I wonder why that is. Well, perhaps we thought we were because we have conquered the earth. We literally have explored every corner of our planet. We have created amazing structures, we have connected the whole world, we have phones that can do literally anything and so much more, which I believe gave us the illusion of control.

We even thought we had tamed nature. We actually believed we had tamed the most powerful force known to us. Mother nature is no one’s subordinate, she is no one’s bitch! She is everyone’s mistress. Frankly, to a certain extent we slightly tamed nature. Through our incredible scientific breakthroughs, today we can see hurricanes coming, we have cured diseases, we created the Panama and Suez canal which are amazing feats, we have built pyramids, we created planes and we fly higher than any bird ever could, we go miles underwater, we have diverted rivers to suit our needs, we have planted trees in the desert, we went to space and so much more. We thought we were masters of the universe. We thought we were in control.

The funny part is we can barely control our emotions but as people, given our technological advances and discoveries, we were blind enough, or arrogant enough, to believe we were in control. Well, we are not, and I don’t think we have ever been. Perhaps, we believe that if we control our environment, we can do anything. It’s easy to think like that and we all have done it at some point. Yet, there is no such thing. Nature will always be stronger I believe. And this pandemic, it’s nature at play. I can see the conspiracy idiots already creating profoundly idiotic scenarios in their narrow fucking heads! There is no conspiracy here. There is just human nature and nature’s evolution. Oh yeah, viruses evolve. It’s just science. Look the science up for a few minutes as soon as you see the “Are you still watching?”, that existential question that pops on your Netflix account. Try not to run from reality…

Let’s clear something out: scientists have been warning governments, public health officials and citizens for decades now! They predicted a pandemic was coming. They weren’t sure when and how, but they did predict something devastating was coming. It was inevitable they said. They even tried to predict the chaos that would ensue. But no one listened and those who listened minimized the risks a pandemic would present. I mean, we have iPhones! Surely, we can create a vaccine in no time!

However, conspiracies run deep. I guess, it is how our mind functions when reality is too hard to accept, or maybe when it’s quite simple and we want it to be complicated. I love how impressionable we all are. It’s funny and depressing at the same time. We see geniuses everywhere. Are there any geniuses out there really? Perhaps the movies have corrupted our brains and we see what we have been programmed to see. I know I am gonna be called a hater…

There is this talk Bill Gates gave 5 years ago predicting a pandemic with catastrophic consequences and everyone is calling him a genius, or clairvoyant or any other adjective that implies he is so much smarter than the average person. The man created Microsoft, which I am using right now to write this text. So, just for that, let’s call him a genius but I’d rather settle for “profoundly smart”. But for the talk he gave? He got a bunch of scientists to write the talk he gave. That’s it. He is a bit obsessed with pandemics which is demonstrated by the money he has spent looking for a cure for AIDS and malaria. We thank him for that! But the man isn’t omniscient. He is a pretty smart dude and he has quasi-infinite resources. Slow down with the overwhelming praise!

You know who else predicted all this? Hell, there is this author, by the name of Stephen King, who is “kinda” famous, who wrote a book back in 1978, called “The Stand”. The book tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world, after a weaponized form of influenza (like this fucking coronavirus) has wiped out 99% of the population and how the remaining 1% survive in hard conditions and create a new society. It is a great read for those who love post-apocalyptic scenarios. So, a writer, somewhat predicted this 42 years ago. And it turns out, his novel, was heavily influenced by another novel written in 1949 by George R. Stewart describing a similar scenario. How about that?!

Pandemics have always existed, and they are a reminder of how little control we have over nature, in my humble opinion. The Coronavirus isn’t that different from the Spanish flu of 1918 that killed around 50 million people if not more, or the bubonic plague, otherwise called “the black death” that wiped about half of Europe’s population in the middle ages but also affected Asia and parts of Africa. This pandemic will pass and surely another one will come along.

Yet, as with pandemics, fear has set in, panic is running people’s decision making and conspiracy theories are running wild in this age of social media. The real problem is we don’t know when it will pass, what the damages will be, how it will affect the survivors and how it will reshape the world as we know it. Well, the good thing is, the coronavirus, has a mortality rate of around 3% as per current data. But if 100 million people catch this thing and it kills 3%, that is a death toll of 3 million people. That is too many people!

Please follow the guidelines the public health officials recommend. Everyone can catch this thing! No one is immune. Follow the directives of the World Health Organization. Listen to the doctors and nurses. Wash your fucking hands for crying out loud! Don’t listen to conspiracy theories because your fear and paranoia will increase, and you will not think straight. You can only control what you do but you cannot control this virus. You could do everything right and still catch it. Life is unfair that way.

We don’t control anything on this earth. We can barely control ourselves. So, control yourself as best as you can through healthy behavior, pray if you must but definitely follow the directives from public health officials. Do not be an idiot because unless you are a trained medical professional, you don’t know better! Stay positive, check on your loved ones, and this too shall pass.

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile, be careful and go on with your day!

Freeman. B

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