The Sides.

Kami opened the fridge and looked around like a detective. She threw her head back after realizing what was missing.

“Ben, where is the cranberry juice I asked you to buy?”

She heard him say “oops!” in the bedroom.

“Seriously? I told you I don’t like this ginger ale and orange juice mix you buy. It is disgusting.”

“Sorry Kami!”, screamed Ben.

She wanted cranberry juice, but this weird and smelly mix will have to do. She drank it reluctantly. As it went down, the taste of cum was replaced by the bitterness of the juice. It was just as awful as cum to her. All this was still new yet exciting.

Ben had been insisting for 2 weeks that she swallowed his cum. He insisted by text and videocall. He insisted when he saw her socially. He just insisted every time they met and they met often. Then, finally, after 2 weeks, curiosity triumphed, and she gave in. The first time was a disaster. She ran to the bathroom to spit and hit her knee on the toilet bowl. Now, she was being reminded of the taste, the texture, the bitterness of it all. She couldn’t possibly understand how her coworkers Terry and Gab liked this weird and purely patriarchal act. They were crazy or as it turns out, not so crazy after all. Kami liked to complain to no one, in a rhetorical way. Yet, here she was, in Ben’s apartment, doing the deed because he insisted. Or was it because she liked having power over him? Or because she loved watching him go crazy? Well, Ben was lucky she was curious about it otherwise it would have never happened.

“Next time, I swear I will bring my own juice!”, she yelled back at him, “My God! How do you drink this Ben?”

“It isn’t that bad!”

“Yeah, well, compared to your cum, the juice is a delight, trust me!”

She heard him laugh and she smiled. He was 21 and she was 28. The seven years difference were plain to see. Ben was literally a kid; he didn’t care about much, but his laugh turned her on. She headed back into the room. The clock on the living room wall was indicating 2:30pm, meaning Corine would be home in 90 minutes. Ben was on his phone, browsing on IG as he always did whenever he had any free time. He looked at her and he smiled. She knew he was getting hard again because she was standing naked, rubbing one leg against the other and biting her lip. He attempted to get up, but Kami nodded for him to stay put.

As he laid down again, she got on the bed on all fours slowly, just the way a tiger would and took his cock in her mouth. Within seconds, Ben was hard as a rock. She kept sucking and Ben screamed, out of pleasure, not pain. He kept asking her to keep going and stopping, afraid he would cum. Then, without any notice, she got on him and started riding him. She did so slowly and went faster and harder as she was pushing on his chest with her hands and nails for support. She kept riding him, on and on, faster, harder, and he finally came with a roar that made him hit his head on the bed’s headboard, the same bed he shared with Corine, her friend.

“You seriously came?”, she asked, irritated and already knowing the answer. This man-child couldn’t control his cumming. He was a novice, what could she ever expect from him? She didn’t like when he came before her, but if she wanted an experienced guy, she wouldn’t be sleeping with young Ben. Corine had been his second girlfriend ever and his first girlfriend, Kathy was way into Jesus, so sex was nonexistent. Ben opened his mouth to answer but Kami slapped him in the face and got off him.


She got up and went to the bathroom to clean the semen running down her leg. Within a minute, she was out. She started getting dressed and gathering her things.

“Leaving already?”

He always wanted her to stay more, to fuck him a few more times. Ben knew Kami was no novice. She knew how to please men, even the most experienced ones and she enjoyed that power she always had over them.

“As much as I love Corine, I would like for her not to see me naked in her bedroom.”

He didn’t answer and went back on his phone. She scoffed, put on her shoes, picked up her bag and headed towards the door.

“No kiss?”, asked Ben.

“Sure. But you know where my mouth was a few minutes ago, right?”


“Fuck you then, never mind!”, she said, finishing his sentence with a smile.

She got on her bike and headed home. She was only 20 minutes away and cycling gave her much-needed peace after the day she’d had. She had started cycling as a way of losing weight and because she was environmentally conscious. Moreover, spring was ending, and it was beautiful outside. When she got home, instead of using her keys which were somewhere in her big bag, she rang on the apartment number, knowing Lana would open the door and she did. She put the bike in the bike room in the building’s hall, locked it in and went up the stairs.

“Hey, Lana.”

Lana was watching tv and she just nodded back. Kami didn’t pay her any mind and she went to take a shower. As she got into the hot water, Lana came in to pee.

“How is young Ben?”

Kami didn’t hear Lara enter the bathroom, so she got startled.

“Jesus Christ, Lana! You don’t announce yourself? You scared the shit out of me!”

“Well, I thought that by now you were used to thrills and high-pressure situations”

Kami hated Lana’s judgemental tone. They had already talked about Ben and Lana was being, yet again, holier than Saint Peter.  

“Are we going to do this again?”

She heard the toilet flush and Lana slammed the door behind her. Kami finished and went to her room. Remorse was kicking in, but she kept her cool and put on her sweatpants. She went to the living room.

“Listen, Lara… Why are you being lik…” her voice trailed, and she stopped.

“Hi, baby. How come you are home early?”

Sam was standing in the kitchen, drinking a glass of milk as he did every day after work. Kami looked at Lana with eyes that said, “how come you didn’t warn me?”, and she turned back to Sam, who seemed lost in his glass. Lana crossed her arms and looked at Kami in the smuggest way possible. If her face were to be described, the word “satisfaction” would have been the only adequate term.

“I was asking him the same thing, minus the baby part”, said Lara while showing all 32 teeth she had.

Kami was able to keep her cool. She went over and gave him a hug. She had never been so thankful to have taken a shower. Sam hugged her back, but his empty stare had infected his whole posture and demeanor.

“You ok?”, she asked him. She started to worry because he was always chatty.

“I just left work early.”

“Why? What happened?”

“Remember Kim?”

“The one who used to be your manager?”

He nodded. “She killed herself”, while looking in his glass, as if the sentence was written in the milk.

“Oh, my God”, said Lana. She got up and gave Sam a hug. They stood in the kitchen for a while, not saying anything.

“Do you know what happened to her?”, asked Lana.

“Apparently, she slit her wrists in the bathtub. They found her two days after she died.”

“Two whole days?” said Lana.

“Kim was always a loner. She hadn’t even updated her emergency contact. Her mom died 2 years ago, and she was still the emergency contact. Her girlfriend found her.”

“Jesus!”, whispered Kami to herself.

“Yeah, I know. She was taken to the hospital and they will keep her a few days for observation. Kim is gone though”.

Silence reigned again in the kitchen, while everybody was looking at the ground, not saying anything.

“Slitting wrists in the bathtub…Classic woman shit! I am sure she also took some pills. You know…just in case the bleeding wouldn’t do the job.”

“Seriously, Lana? Right now? A little decency, for crying out loud! What the hell is wrong with you?”, said an exasperated Kami.

“Yeah, decency…What a lost quality nowadays”, she repeated with a look that literally said, “what a hypocrite you are Kami!”

“The police came to talk to us, at the office, and I hear they really spent most of their time with Kim’s girlfriend.”

“Why the girlfriend? They think he killed her?”, asked Lana.

It would seem she was cheating on her”, responded Sam while exhaling, visibly tired and shaken, “and Kim found out. I guess her fragile mind couldn’t take it and she took her own life.”

Kami looked at Lana and they exchanged a quick stare.  

“Isn’t that a bit…exaggerated?” said Kami.

“What do you mean?”, asked Sam, who raised his eyes for the first time to face his girlfriend. The whole conversation had happened so far while he was lost, looking at the floor or in his glass of milk that he barely touched. He was fatigued but Kami’s question woke him up.

“I mean…let’s admit, for the sake of argument, that Kim’s girlfriend was cheating. Is that a reason to end one’s life?”

Sam thought about that. He slowly walked to the window and stared into the sunset. A look of worry had invaded Lana’s pretty face and she glanced at Kami for reassurance, but she had none to give.

“You can never know how far a person will go…in the name of love or pain”.

Sam had said that with a tone full of melancholy and sorrow. He was slouching and looked tired.

“I am just gonna take a shower.”

“Sure, baby. Go ahead. It will relax you”.

“Yes, but it will not wash my pain away.”

As soon as Sam closed the bathroom door, Lana turned to Kami.

“You need to stop this shit with Ben!”

“Can you get the fuck off me, pretty please?”

“You saw how distraught and lost your man is and you are going to keep fucking Corine’s man?”

“It is my business. Mind yours!”

“Bitch, first, we are cousins and we have been friends since we were kids. Secondly, I told you this shit you are doing, with that fucking kid, is dangerous. Thirdly, what if Sam finds out? Forget Corine for a moment, who is also your friend. What if your own man finds out? Did you not see how he reacted to his co-worker’s suicide? Does he look like the kind of guy who will take infidelity as a normal thing or is he going to be devastated? Have you thought of that?”

Kami had no answer. Lana was right on all counts. Yet, she couldn’t help but go back to Ben’s arms, the same man who was Corine’s boyfriend. Ben wasn’t better looking than Sam. He wasn’t funnier or smarter, he wasn’t better in any way but the past three weeks, she kept seeing him and fucking him every chance she got. It wasn’t like her to cheat but she couldn’t help it. She didn’t know the why or the how.

“Leave me alone, Lana.”

She scoffed. “Classic Kami response when things overwhelm you. You always have the same stupid and empty answer”.

Lana scoffed. “Go comfort your man, I am going home”, and she left.

Kami sat on the couch and closed her eyes but that didn’t last long.

“Kami, Corine’s on the phone!”

She jumped up and sweat started coming down her back. What could the call be possibly about? Did she find out? Did that idiot Ben say something, or did she leave a clue at his home? She knew it was dangerous to sleep with him in his house, but the danger factor added exponential pleasure, to a degree she hadn’t felt ever in her life. Kami just stood there, not knowing what to do, asking herself a million questions which brought even more damn questions.

“Kami!”, shouted Sam once again.

“Yes”, she answered confidently.

“Can you come here, please?”

Her first step towards her room was shaky but after the second one, her confidence increased. She was nearly positive that if Corine had found out anything, she would have knocked on her door eons ago. Kami entered the room with the most innocent face she could muster.

“What’s up?”

Sam was sitting on the bed, with her own phone in his hand. He stared at her for a second, inhaled, exhaled and handed her the phone.

“Corine for you.’

“Thanks, baby. Hello? Hey Corine, what’s up? No, it is fine, ok, no problem. I will be there in half an hour.”

She hung up and looked suspiciously at her phone, something Sam picked up on as easily as any child would. Kami must have been an open book after talking to her friend, who wanted to see her ASAP, as she said.

“Everything ok?”, asked Sam, with a perplexed look on his face. Her eyes met his and they stared at each other. For the first time in their 3-year relationship, she saw he wasn’t trusting her entirely as he used to do. It made her uneasy and she was afraid to slip and reveal her secret.

“Yes, she is fine. She asked me to meet her, she wanted to talk.”

“Ok, do you have any idea what it is about?”

“Nope, she didn’t say.”


Silence followed.

“I am going to the Garden, meeting a friend from work, just to reminisce and have a drink in Kim’s memory.”

“Ok, baby. I am just going to go meet with Corine then.”

“You do that. And if it’s anything juicy, you better tell me, ok?”, he said with a smile.

She smiled back. “I always do. I got you, don’t worry baby.”

She kissed him and left. When she got to the café, Corine was already there and her eyes were red, probably from crying. They hugged and Corine started sobbing. Kami stood there, holding her friend while offering words of comfort, hoping she would stop crying. Kami never knew how to act when people cried. Corine finally sat down and used one of the napkins to blow her nose.

“What’s going on Corine? Why are you so upset?”

Kami had a slight idea of what could be wrong, but she tried to play it cool. She was hoping that Ben hadn’t done anything stupid. Yet, if he had, Corine wouldn’t be embracing her the way she did. Knowing her crazy ass, she would have showed up at her apartment and took her eyes out. Despite all those inner thoughts, she waited for Corine to speak.

“I believe Ben is cheating on me.”

There it was…She had to act cool. She tried to act as surprised as she could.

“What? What are you talking about Corine?”

“He has been acting different.”

“Define different.”

“He is happier, smiles more, is kinder with me, more patient, less of a hothead.”

“Because he is cooler and happier, that means he is cheating?”

“You don’t know him like I do”, responded Corine.

“You would be surprised”, thought to herself Kami, while keeping that thought to herself. She felt her blood pressure rise and she needed to stay cool. Perhaps Corine was there to fish, perhaps she already knew, and she was testing her, or she was recording their conversation on her phone conveniently placed in the middle of the small table.

“Do you have any proof? Or all you have are suspicions?”

Corine looked at Kami and she sat back. She crossed her arms and didn’t say anything. Kami broke the silence.


“Why are you not suspicious? Why are you defending him?”

Now was the moment to tread carefully.

“Are you saying this because I haven’t arrested, judged and convicted him yet?”

“Yes, that’s why! You are supposed to be on my side.”

“I thought, as your friend, I was supposed to tell you the truth”, answered Kami, knowing fully well the truth is the last thing she could and would say to her best friend.

“Well, are you?”

Kami looked at Corine dead in the eye and answered without flinching.

“I am. You want proof?”, she asked to which Corine nodded.

“Very well. So, have you seen any messages, pics, videos, calls that would make suspicious?”


“Great! At least that little fucker is careful”, thought Kami to herself.

“Have you seen him with another woman? Flirting? Kissing?”


“So, what are you basing this whole thing on? A sudden change in his mood? Because he went from probably grumpy to happy?”

“How do you know he was grumpy?”

“Tread even more carefully, Kami”, she thought to herself.

“You do know that I know Ben, right? I have met him a couple of times since you guys have been going out.”

Kami said that last part with a smirk on her face, in a playful mode, to show she wasn’t not involved in this whole mess. Suddenly, Corine started crying uncontrollably and Kami went over to console her. Corine was sobbing by the time Kami got to her and she hugged her tightly.

“I am sorry Kami. I am so sorry. I am a mess.”

“It’s ok Coco. Don’t worry about it. You are just worried, and it is understandable.”

“We had a big fight about a month ago and I thought we were done. He apologized and I know he was sincere. But I haven’t been able to get over that argument. Ben, on the other side, is acting as if we never had a fight. He is happier than ever. It’s pissing me off, so I started seeing things that weren’t there. Sadness and paranoia aren’t a good mix, I would say.”

They ended up speaking for an hour. They talked about relationships, love, their favourite shows, their men, as they always did when they met. They called “troubleshooting”. Corine was almost like a sister to Kami and after they both left, Kami felt depressed for sleeping with her friend’s boyfriend behind her back. Corine had been nothing but a loyal friend, a shoulder to cry on and a rock to lean on. Corine excused herself and went to the bathroom. While she was lost in her thoughts, Kami received a message from Lana asking her to stop by her place, she wanted to talk to her about her dad who was recovering from a mild heart attack. She had taken the news pretty hard and she had been prone to swinging moods. So, Kami decided she would stop by, it was on her way home anyway. Corine came back, they paid for their coffees and they both left.

Kami jumped on her bike and headed to Lana’s place. She knew they would talk for a few hours and she also knew there was no one better to keep her grounded, to tell her what she didn’t want to hear, to insult her if need be. Kami knew she was doing something awfully wrong and Lana had told her so, repeatedly. After the hour-long conversation with Corine, she wanted to hear Lana’s voice again. She was ready to take a verbal beating. She was longing for one, deep in her heart.

Within 10 minutes, she was at Lana’s apartment building. She rang the buzzer a few times but there was no answer. She didn’t try to call her because she knew the buzzer went directly to her phone. She texted her and Lana responded she will be home in 5 minutes. So, Kami decided to go around the building and use the fire escape ladder to go to Lana’s apartment and wait for her there. The weather was chilly so being inside would be better. Luckily, she had climbed the fire escape once before.

She went around the building, but the fire escape ladder had been retracted, it was too high for her to reach. She pushed a dumpster right beneath it and climbed on it. She grabbed the ladder with both hands and pulled down. On the third try, she was able to get it down. She went up the stairs to the second floor and reached Lana’s bedroom window. She took a quick peek inside and she saw Lana naked, on top of someone, riding him. She hid against the wall. Obviously, she didn’t want to see her cousin having sex, but she was curious to see who the man was. She looked again but this time, she couldn’t but stare. Lana was really good at riding the man, there was no doubt about that. She changed the cadence, threw her head back, slowed down, talked dirty, slapped the guy and Kami found herself getting turned on despite of how wrong this situation was.

Kami looked away to calm herself down. She even slapped herself in the face to wake up. At that moment, she heard Lana and her mystery man talking. He asked Lana to change position and she agreed. She took another peek and found out they were enjoying the position young Ben liked so much. The man was big, with a large back but he had something distinct on his back. It was a big colorful tattoo of a phoenix on the top of his back. Instinctively, she banged on the window while screaming “SAAAM!”. The man got startled, turned around and met her eyes. It was indeed Sam, he boyfriend. Without thinking, he got up and a terror like no other was on his face.

Kami didn’t know what to do, say or think. Lana had gotten up as well. Kami and her cousin – best friend as well- looked at each other. Kami felt tears coming down her face and she went down the fire escape. She went down the stairs like a mad person who was being chased by rabid dogs. She heard in the background Sam call her name, asking her to wait but she paid him no mind.

As soon as she was down, she went to get her bike to get out of there. She was walking looking down, feeling ashamed, scared, betrayed.

“How was the show?”, a familiar voice said in front of her. Kami raised her eyes and saw Corine standing there, with her arms crossed and a satisfying smile on her pretty face.

“Coco? What are you doing here?”

“Well, I thought I would stop by and see the look on your fucking face.”

“How did you know about Lana and Sam?”

“Any person with half a brain could easily notice how those two looked at each other. You were just too preoccupied the past few weeks, weren’t you?”

“What are you talking about?”.

Corine walked towards Kami and stopped. She stood half a meter away from Kami.

“This is what you get for fucking my boyfriend, you bitch.”

Kami’s face unravelled and she couldn’t hold back her tears. Corine knew about her and Ben.

“Spare me your crocodile tears, Kami. You have regrets because you saw your cousin fucking your man and because I know.”

“Coco, listen…”

Corine interrupted her with a shove.

“Don’t even try to explain anything. Shut up. There is nothing you could say right now.”

Kami couldn’t help but look down because of all the shame washing over her spirit and body.

“You have a look on your face I probably had when I saw your messages in Ben’s phone. You thought he was smart enough to hide the messages? He isn’t.”



The scream scared Kami and she took 2 steps back. She had never seen Corine out of control like that. She saw Sam coming towards as she looked over Corine’s shoulder.

“Corine, why are you screaming?”, asked Sam.

Corine wiped the tears from her eyes and turned around to see Sam. She laughed and turned once again to face Kami.

“This is going to be awesome. Sam, did you know that Kami has been fucking Ben?”

“WHAT?”, yelled Sam, whose shame and terror left him instantaneously and were replaced with anger.

“Sam, shut the fuck up because you are in no position to give lessons here. I am talking to Coco. Shut up! You and your ego aren’t welcome here. Get the fuck out of here. Go!”

“I aint going nowhere!”, replied Sam defiantly.

“I should have brought popcorn”, said Corine with incredible amusement. Kami ignored Sam and looked at Corine.

“Now, listen to me…”

“Sure, speak”, replied Corine with a smile. She knew there was no way this situation would have a happy ending. As she was opening her mouth to speak, Kami saw Lana approaching them. She leapt towards Lana, wanting to hit her, pull her hair out, beat the shit out of her but Sam stood in front of her.

“Kami, baby, no.”

“First of all, do not ever call me baby again. And you are taking this bitch’s side?”

“It does take one to know one”, said Corine sarcastically. Kami turned around, almost insulting her friend, but she knew she was in a dire situation and she kept her mouth shut. Lana decided to keep her distance and she took a few steps back, to feel safer, even if Sam with his imposing physique was standing between them.

Corine took a few steps and stood next to Kami.

“This is what you get for messing with other people’s relationships. You were my friend, but you are nothing now. You haven’t even apologized for what you have done. We went to have a coffee and I wanted to see what you would say. I saw in your eyes that you were lying but I played along. You are lucky I didn’t smack you in the head with my cup of coffee. You have no idea how disgusted I felt to sit through that empty discussion where you spent your time putting holes in my story. Somewhat, I had hoped you would come clean, but I underestimated how proud people can be. I created this whole mess to see what your first instinct would be. I was hoping for an apology, but you still haven’t said anything. Whether you like it or not, that says a lot about you, Kami.”

Corine turned her head and addressed Lana whose face was frozen.

“Lana darling, you shouldn’t leave your phone unattended and you sincerely shouldn’t look at other people’s boyfriends the way you looked at this thespian here. Cloning your phone was easy. I read all your raunchy messages with Sam and I invited Kami using your number because I knew you’d be fucking Sam since I was able to read your messages today”.

Before she walked away, she looked at Kami for what seemed to be the last time.

“You can burn in hell fake friend. By the way, you can have Ben, because he is looking for a place to live since I threw his ass out. And in case it wasn’t clear, you and I are done, forever. Don’t ever call me, text me, or show up at my place. If you do, I will beat the shit out of you. I hate liars and cheaters and you are both. You used to be my friend. Today, I even wonder why we were ever friends. So, fuck you and have a nice life”, and she walked away. Before she turned the corner, Corine said one last thing.

“Today, you lost a best friend, a lover, a boyfriend and your cousin. That is a heavy price. Remember, this is your doing. Nobody else’s”.

Corine turned the corner and disappeared. Lana spoke first after a long silence.

“Kami, listen, I just…”

“Lana, please stop talking there is nothing to say here. It is plain to see. You are fucking my man. Do you know how much of a hypocrite that makes you?”

“Oh please, Kami! Do not talk about hypocrisy! Not you, not today, not ever!”, replied Sam.

“I guess none of us can say anything about relationships and being faithful, right?”, answered Kami.

“I guess not”, replied Lana.

“Yeah, I figured as much. But tell me something Lana, all those times you were giving me lessons, telling me I was wrong to go behind Sam’s back and Corine’s back, were you doing that to throw my suspicions off?”

“Yes, I was. I love him.”

Sam turned around to look at Lana with a bewildered look on his face.

“You love me?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Lana, I told you this was just fun, nothing less, nothing more.”


“Oh, don’t act surprised! I told you from the beginning.”

Tears started coming down Lana’s face and sorrow filled her body. She run away and went back to her apartment. Kami and Sam stood there, the moon illuminating the alley they were standing in. If they weren’t about to break up, they could have called the scene romantic.

“Why her?”, asked Kami.

“I don’t know. She was close, she came on to me. I didn’t think, I just did it.”

“At least you are honest.”

“Why him?”, asked Sam, who was as curious as Kami to know the reason of her infidelity.

“I sincerely don’t know.”

“I do. You wanted someone young to have your fun, to exert power over them, because whether you like it or not, Kami, you are all about power. You couldn’t control me even if you tried for a year we have been going out and you found a pretty young boy to probably manipulate and have him as your pet.”

Kami thought about it for a moment and decided Sam wasn’t wrong, much to her dismay. They looked at each other and they both felt tired.

“I will stop by tomorrow to get my stuff.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes, that is it! Do you expect us to work after all this?”

“No, you are right. Stop by anytime to get your stuff. Just text me so I can get out of the house.”

Sam took a deep breath and exhaled.

“I will. We had grown apart anyway in the past months.”

“You are right on that.”

“For what it’s worth, I am sorry.”

Kami just walked away, hurt as if she had been shot. It had been too much to process.

“Kami”, yelled Sam. She turned around and he walked towards her.


“Corine was right. You don’t apologize, ever.”

“You got some nerve on you, you know that?”

“Really? Why are you acting like I am the only one at fault here? You cheated on me too, remember? Yet, you sit there, high on your horse and act like I hurt you and you are as white as snow. Well, you know what? You are not. You fucked up. You cheated on me, repeatedly according to Corine. But you can even muster the courage to apologize, to show remorse, to act like someone who acknowledges they hurt someone else.”

“You want an apology, Sam?”

“No, I don’t because it wouldn’t be sincere, coming from you. You better learn how to apologize because this life, will humble even more than it has today. Stop thinking that apologizing is a weakness. Find a way to learn how to apologize or people will think you are heartless or too proud. And in the end, you’ll end up alone.”

“Are you done?”

A sad smile came onto Sam’s face.

“Yes, I am. Good night.”

“Whatever. Get fucking lost.”

She hopped on her bike and went home. She took a shower and went to bed but she couldn’t sleep because she kept crying. Her phone rang and she saw it was Ben calling. She didn’t pick up. He kept calling and on the seventh time, she picked up.

“What do you want, Ben?”

“Corine found out.”

“I know she did, you idiot. If only you could be more careful, we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

“I know. Listen, can I come stay at your place?”

“What? Fuck no! Go to your parents’ house.”

“Wow, you are one heartless person, Kami.”

“Thanks! By the way, you and I are through”, and she hung up.

She called her older brother, Nick, and she told him everything. She knew she could count on him to give her a pep talk. After telling him everything, he simply asked her if she apologized, to which she said no. She heard him chuckle and he told her “If you don’t learn how to apologize and especially recognize you hurt others, you will screw up your future relationships like you did the ones you had. This morning you had 4 friends, now you have none. Yes, some of them wronged you but you fucked up as well. Think about it because it is for your own good. Now, I gotta take care of the kids. We’ll talk tomorrow. I love you sis, bye” and he hung up.

Kami stared at the ceiling for a long moment and she could only remember what Corine told her, a few hours before.

“Today, you lost a best friend, a lover, a boyfriend and your cousin. That is a heavy price. Remember, this is your doing. Nobody else’s”.

“Was this stupid sexual relationship with Ben worth all the trouble I just went through? All the people I lost because I couldn’t control this need for power?”, she said out loud.

“I am sorry, I am so sorry”, she started mumbling while sobbing as she realized how far she had gone and the real consequences of her actions. But no one was there to hear her apologies.

She realized Corine was right. A deep sadness invaded Kami’s heart right before she fell asleep.


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