Everything is open for discussion, criticism and humor. After all, why would any subject be off the table? Why should we be able to criticize one subject and not another? Where is the logic behind that? And who gets to choose the subject that could be discussed or not? Who would be the all knowing, all wise person whose decision would be final, irrevocable, almost sacred and untouchable? No one. No person should ever decide what people can say or not. I hear people all the time telling me, “hey, talk about this” and then “hey, don’t talk about that”.

People are easily offended these days. People also like to pretend they are open minded, cool, progressive, liberal, until a subject that hurts their sensibilities comes up in a discussion. Yes, you guessed right; I am here to talk about those taboo subjects, I am here to make fun of those things you consider sacred. I am here to show you that you are not always right, the same way I am not always right. I am here to bug the fuck out of you. I admit it and I do so proudly. If you don’t like it, well…stop reading, I guess.

I, for one, do not like untouchable and/or taboo subjects. They bug the fuck out of me. I want to talk about them, I want to break them down, twist them, reverse engineer them. I want to take the “sacred” part of their essence, out! I do not wish, nor do I want to live in a world where certain subjects, chosen arbitrarily, are off limits. If you don’t like your beliefs to be challenged, then you won’t make it into this three-dimensional world. Moreover, think about it; if you can accept to be challenged about your beliefs, that means you learn how to defend them and, you might change your mind along the way. Changing your mind when presented with new information, that is a strength, not a weakness.

The moment a subject becomes taboo, untouchable or too risky to talk about, it becomes sacred. Fear starts to surround the subject, people don’t ask questions anymore, they don’t challenge the idea or the believers of said idea, and that is how control starts. It always starts with censorship, with a few people controlling what can or cannot be said. Then oppression follows because no one can shut people up forever and finally, we all know how all this ends. Let’s be honest, let’s be real; there is no happy ending to a story like that.

Many subjects are taboo in people’s minds; God and religion, rape, sex, death, disease, genocide, racism, sexism, homophobia, sexual orientation, gender, politics, authority, medicine, philosophy, infidelity, etc. The list isn’t exhaustive, and it can be expanded depending on who you ask. Yet, I insist that all these subjects should be discussed, criticized and made fun of. Now, how does one make fun of rape, genocide, homophobia, racism, death and all these serious subjects? I am not a comedian so I couldn’t tell you. Yet, I have heard people who lost their family in the Rwandan genocide laugh about it. I know people who lost loved ones to war, disease laugh about it. I have heard people make jokes about rape, because they were smart enough to exaggerate one detail and prove how absurd, immoral and hurtful rape is. Again, I am not a comedian and I cannot repeat these jokes, but they exist. A taboo subject is simply a bomb with a timer. It will go off at some point and chaos will ensue.

Now, perhaps, a subject can be quite sensitive to one’s ears and heart. That is your right. However, your right to be offended doesn’t trump the other person’s right to talk about the same subject. I freely make fun of religion because many stories in the bible make no fucking sense! There are stories in the bible, if someone told you that it happened to them, you would drive them to a psychiatric hospital before they finish their story. Yet, because it is in the “holy” book, those stories aren’t to be questioned, criticized or made fun of. Well, this isn’t the middle ages and religion isn’t all powerful anymore, thank the Gods!

If you believe in God, a joke shouldn’t shake the foundation of your faith. If you don’t like what a person is saying, just walk away and don’t listen to them, the way I do when I hear all these charlatans using religion to gain influence and cheat people out of their money. Listen, I love my parents more than anything in the world. There isn’t anything that anyone could ever say that would even resemble a tremor towards my love for them. Say whatever, I will just ignore you. People underestimate the power of ignoring people. It is quite powerful. It is also quite peaceful.

Well, every now and then, I will talk about a subject people consider taboo. I will do it intentionally. I will make fun of it. I will ask questions to better understand it. I will push people and challenge them on purpose to see how they defend their point. I will annoy people. I will come at you and you might hate me for that. I will do all that because I profoundly believe no subject should ever be taboo. Every and any subject should be discussed, criticized and made fun of. Voila.

If you are sensitive, if you hate when people disagree with you, if you think certain subjects are off limits, if you believe that your beliefs should never be discussed, criticized and made fun of, then allow me to say this: Life is way harder than discussing a taboo subject. Just sayin…And if you believe you know all, that others are wrong because they don’t believe or think like you, if you think that your faith makes you superior and others inferior, if you think you should dictate who can say what or shut up, well, go fuck yourself!

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day!

Freeman. B

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