You are faced with a situation. Depending on your vantage point and your own experiences, the situation could be delicate, and its outcome could be more complicated. For the sake of argument, you are a regular citizen of a democratic country, a nation where your rights are protected by law and by the authorities. You have a voice and it matters. Your freedom of speech is guaranteed, and your life isn’t in any danger whatsoever, not matter what you say, unless you threaten people.

In that quiet life you are enjoying, something happens. A person who is fundamentally unfit to hold any sort of power over people enters the scene. I am talking about a person whose moral compass seems to be working quite well, according to the external world and their deeds. Yet, you discover, after doing some research, a thorough due diligence, that behind the scenes, this person isn’t as moral as they pretend to be. It matters because they don’t have the character, the fortitude to lead people in a moral way. They would act well towards their followers and they would be viciously vindictive with their opponents.

My question is: would you do anything to stop them from acquiring more power?

Let’s be honest, let’s be real. By stopping that person, you are not avoiding any nuclear war, or an economic and financial meltdown. You won’t stop global warming and you will not clear the planet of world hunger, unfortunately. This person doesn’t have that kind of reach, let alone power. They are simply unfit to hold any power because of their behavior behind the scenes. I need to emphasize that the person isn’t evil. It is rare to find a person who is pure evil, and this person isn’t evil at all. Yet…

How would I describe that person? I must be careful. Words have weight and power, so here I go. I am talking about a person who gives you a glimpse of who they are and what they do. They give you the best version of themselves because you may meet them for a limited amount of time. Then, as time goes by, they reveal themselves and you discover the essence of who they are. I would like to describe their personality, without giving too much away.

I am talking about someone who has a small amount of power and could probably get more in the future. This person is unfit to occupy any position of power. Why? Simply because, I know they will abuse their power. It takes a person with a special character not to abuse the power that is given to them or that they acquire. We all know that an ethical ruler or a worthy leader is rarer than gold! That is why we don’t find many people worth following because their dark side tends to trump their good side in times of crisis, especially. We all could name a few people like that. I mean look at Trump. What kind of person with empathy, decency, common sense, kindness would follow that dude? No one. It takes a fucked-up mind, perhaps a confused and weak person to follow the orange dude! I am not talking about him though.

I am talking about a person who is impulsive, a person who thinks their emotions have more weight than facts. I am talking about someone who hates being challenged or contradicted. I am talking about someone who pretends they listen to others but whose hearing is quite impaired, metaphorically. I am talking about a person who thinks they are always right and can never admit they were wrong. I am talking about a person who can fake being a leader and fool people for a little while, just long enough to get that position they have been gunning for. I am finally talking about a person who will lie pathologically, a person who will intentionally bear false witness. That last part makes my skin crawl and I want that person to fuck off because I hate liars. I hate those who purposefully create a story out of thin air. I cannot stand them!

Now, I will be frank and candid. I did my research on said person. I asked around. I spoke to people who know them, and I got similar accounts of who the person is. This whole thing is based on the small investigation I did. Once again, not an evil person; simply an incredibly unfit person to hold any power. I am more than comfortable them doing anything they want but not hold any power over people. It may not matter to some people but to me, it matters a lot. People lie. That’s the way human nature is. We all lie, no exceptions. Yet, not all lies have the same weight, repercussions, consequences, and they don’t affect people or the world the same way. We are all hypocrites, to stronger and lesser degrees. We are all weak, imperfect, scared, insecure, clueless, unfit, you name it.

Nevertheless, the measure of a true leader is their ability to improve, to listen to others, to not be impulsive or to be less impulsive, to accept they can be wrong, to apologize, to work on themselves, to accept criticism, to calm down, to be gracious in defeat and magnanimous in victory. Those are the makings of a true leader. More importantly, no one is born a leader. People become leaders through adversity, experience, and time because the change is gradual.

It takes humility to recognize we don’t know everything. It takes humility to recognize our limitations. It takes humility to admit we must learn. It takes humility to lead. Sadly, this person isn’t fit to lead. Not now, perhaps, not ever, unless they are willing to make some gargantuan changes. I am not sure they are willing to do so. It would mean they would have to admit they were wrong. Not sure they are ready to do that.

So, what would you do? If you knew someone was unfit to do something, to hold power, would you do anything to stop them?

I know what I would do. I know what I am gonna do; I am gonna go after them. After all, I am a writer, I got nothing to lose and I feel I have a moral obligation to expose the truth. This is me being self righteous, that is all.

The question is, what would you do? Would you sit by and watch that person take over or would you step up and try to stop them? I don’t need an answer. I am not here to judge anybody, except myself. I am simply doing a presentation and talking about true leaders and fake ass posers. I am simply and kindly asking you to let it marinate for a moment in your mind. You might have to make a choice, sooner or later, or maybe not ever.

They say people get the leaders they deserve. Trust me, we don’t deserve that person.

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day!

Freeman. B

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