I usually am reluctant about certain types of celebration, for fear they might turn into self idolatry, bragging and vanity. Moreover, I always associate pride with accomplishments, never with anything else. So, today, since I have accomplished something worthy, I will celebrate. This is about me and my biggest accomplishment, to date. I recently published my 200th post and as of today, I have posted 207 texts on my blog. I am extremely proud of myself.

My journey started in the most unexpected way; a few years ago, I would write nice, loving texts to my then-girlfriend. I would wake up before her to go to work and I wanted her to have something to read through her commute, from her house to her school. I would then write the text during my own commute. The texts were a mix of love declarations, my thoughts, my state of mind and anything else I could think of at the time. It became a ritual we had, and she grew fond of those texts. On the flip side, I was always afraid to share my texts with other people. I didn’t know how they would interpret them or react to them. I was afraid and fear is a great motivator at times. I wrestled with the fear for a long time and I often lost.

One day, she told me to write about a subject we had been talking about at length. She thought I had an interesting point of view on the subject, so I did. After reading it, she congratulated me on a beautifully written text. She then pushed me to share it with others, just friends and family. Fear flooded my bloodstream and doubt hit me harder than a bull would hit a distracted matador. At the time, I hadn’t written anything I considered worthy or important for anyone else to read. I simply wrote short texts to my girlfriend, that was it. Why would anyone care about what I thought? Why would anyone care about my texts? I am not a published writer, so who am I to send people any text of any kind? Who was I for people to care, even remotely about my opinion on things? Confidence in my ability to write was quite low. It stopped me from sharing anything with anybody except my girlfriend.

My former flame and I argued for a few days. She did her best to convince me and I did my best to shoot down her suggestions. Finally, I created a broadcast list on my WhatsApp by adding a few family members and close friends. I wanted to try sending my texts to people I trusted and those who wouldn’t hesitate to tell me the truth, especially the hard truth. Fear and anxiety were the only friends sitting by my side when I sent the first text. I was terrified. I was sweating, that I remember.

Then, as I got feedback from people, I realized my first text was extremely well received by most people. Some people didn’t want to receive anything from me, so I took them off the list. Others didn’t even like it but the whole experience gave me a strength and a resolve I had rarely felt in my bones before.

That was almost 4 years ago. Fast forward to today, I have a blog with 207 posts (including this one). 203 texts are essays about various subjects, and 4 posts are short fictional stories. My blog was created in 2018 and first text was published on August 16th 2018. I have published on average 2 posts per week for 2 years straight. I have written 517-word pages of material in English and 88-word pages of French material. I have written more than a dozen short stories, most of which I haven’t published. This whole thing has taken me thousands of hours where I sit on my laptop, and sometimes on my phone, and I simply write. I have had the good fortune of assembling an army of devoted readers who follow and read everything I write. I use social media to reach wider audiences and it has been the single greatest experience of my life. Along the way, I realized how blessed I am to share my texts and my thoughts with people.

I am so proud of myself. I cannot put into words the joy, the sense of accomplishment, the sense of purpose and the dedication I have displayed to become a better writer and ultimately, a better person. For the first time in my life, I have something that is entirely mine! I CREATED THE BLOG FROM SCRATCH. THE TEXTS ARE MINE AND MINE ALONE. I write them, edit them, review them, revise them and I ultimately publish them. Every word ever written comes from me. It is my mind at work, my imagination, my personal experiences, my growth, my thoughts, my frustrations, my mistakes, my shortcomings, my evolution, my change, my dreams, my fears, my anger, my love, my gratitude. I have poured everything I have on this craft and I have learned tremendously about life and writing along the way. I don’t have any mentors, nor do I have external sources giving me advice or giving me notes on how to perfect my craft. Everything, for better or worse, has fallen on my shoulders by choice. I read a lot and I do my best everyday to improve. One thing about me is that I write daily but I don’t publish daily. Sometimes, certain texts need to be improved before publishing. I can say with an absolute certainty that I am inspired every day because there is always something to talk about. Life isn’t dull, perhaps we make it so.

This milestone means the world to me. When I started, I didn’t know where I was heading, and I am still not sure I do. Yet, I have enjoyed the ride, every second of it, with its ups and downs. I am not a published writer, but I have written hundreds of texts and I can prove it. I believe that is my proudest moment; I have something, a whole body of work, an extensive portfolio of written texts, my fucking texts! I can prove it to anyone who asks. It isn’t vanity or braggadocio behavior. It is reality. It is the truth. My body of work exists and speaks for itself. It is fucking alive! It’s there for everyone to see, read and enjoy.

Besides, I have gained many friends through my work. I have people I have never met who tell me how much they appreciate what I do. I receive messages from people I don’t know, thanking me for my texts because my work has touched people in ways I could have never imagined. I have formed new relationships, collaborations, I have helped people with their own stories, I have people asking me for advice and I couldn’t be happier. I never could have imagined any of this happening and yet, it has. I am fucking proud of my work. I created all this and no one can and will ever take this away from me.

Lastly…I want to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who reads and shares my texts. I did the writing, that was all me. However, the encouragement, the kind words, the inspiration, the arguments and talks I have with people, the prayers, the positive vibes and energy, came from the people who care enough to read my texts. I could never thank everybody individually or enough for the support, help, money, and time they have given me over the years. I could never thank my family and friends enough. I could never thank my parents enough for the unconditional love and support. I could never thank my brother enough for the advices, the encouragement, and the pride he feels whenever I reach a milestone, no matter how arbitrary. I could never thank enough the former flame for pushing me to start. Thanks to her, I made the first step, regardless of the terror I felt at that moment. I could never thank enough one of my best friends for her support throughout the years and for giving me endless inspiration through her life and her amazing personality. I could never thank enough one of my best friends for suggesting I add an audio file to each text I publish. I could never thank enough my friends with whom I share a WhatsApp group for their time and encouragement. I could never thank my cousins from all around the world enough for their love and support.

My work is only possible through my hard work, dedication AND people’s support, love, strength, inspiration, and unwavering belief in me. I do hope what I have accomplished could perhaps inspire others to go after their dream and passion. Nothing is perfect, my journey wasn’t either, but I guarantee you, it is priceless. I have accomplished something I never thought was possible even 5 years ago, yet here I am. I will write until my last breath because I am a storyteller.

This is text number 207. The journey has simply started, people. I got more coming for you and nothing will ever stop me from doing what I love and what I do best. Keep inspiring me. Keep reading my texts. Thank you once again for your love and support. I am celebrating my journey and body of work and I would love you to celebrate with me! I am extremely proud of myself and of my tremendous accomplishment. I am happy and I feel blessed I can share my work with the world. What a privilege that is!

This isn’t one man’s opinion; this is a statement of facts! How about that?

Now smile and go on with your day!

Freeman. B

2 thoughts on “207 POSTS AND COUNTING!

  1. Oh boy!!! This is beautiful, u are a storyteller indeed. I was reading it with your own voice that’s how amazing this text was. Keep up. Akari imbere karahinda. Congratulations for your milestone and thanks for sharing so generously.


    1. Thank you so much for appreciating what i do. By the way, there is an audio file right below the title of the text. There you can listen my own voice reading the text. Give it a shot and let me know what you think. Thanks again for reading me!


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