Don’t trust those who will alienate you from your existing friends and family, unless those around you are a bunch of criminals and immoral people. If that’s the case, well, it’s ok. But if your people are decent people and someone comes along and starts alienating you from them? Well, they are not looking out for your interest; they are looking out for theirs. They are called fake friends. We all might have someone in our entourage with such intentions. If you still do, please tell them I said to fuck off.

Don’t trust those who tell you that you should only trust them. It is almost mathematically impossible that in this world we live in, there is only one person you can or should trust. This isn’t game of thrones. There are people you can trust. Granted, not many and not everybody is worthy of your trust. But trusting only one person? What is this? A spy movie? Even in spy movies, they tell you “don’t trust anyone”, they don’t tell you “trust only me”!

Don’t trust those who are only there when you want to party but are nowhere to be seen when life hits you hard. Life isn’t an eternal party anyway. Can they be there when things are tough? Can they accept that life isn’t only and always about partying? If you are there only to party or if our relationship is based on partying, then we don’t have a real relationship. Sorry.  

Don’t trust those who have an answer for everything. I mean, seriously, who has an answer to everything? Even google doesn’t. Ok, let’s say, for the sake of argument, God has all the answers, trust me, he isn’t giving them away. There will be many unanswered questions and even more mystery in this life. So, if a human being comes up with all the answers, don’t trust them. No one knows everything.

Don’t trust whoever tells you to stay angry. Who the hell gives that kind of advice anyway? Permanent anger raises the blood pressure and shortens your life. You will die young or heart disease will get you and you will be in foul mood all the time. Who the hell wants that kind of life?

Don’t trust people who don’t put ketchup, mayo, mustard, spices or any other kind of condiment in their fries. Well, I won’t trust you. I mean, I can’t trust you. Seriously. Bland fries? Who does that? Well, if you don’t have any condiments available, that’s ok. But otherwise…Come on!

Don’t trust people who don’t like music or movies. Listen, you have the absolute right to not like a certain GENRE of music or movies. That is fine. But… Not liking any kind of music and/or any kind of movies altogether? Nah…I can’t trust you. Sorry. There is something seriously wrong with you! I could argue you are not human!

Don’t trust people who don’t like peace. Do I really need to talk about this one???? Moving on.

Don’t trust people who lie about their achievements. How insecure do you have to be to lie about your achievements? A few minutes on google and anybody can easily debunk your fictitious achievements. Sadly, insecurities dictate a lot in some people’s lives. Some people believe to their core that they are not enough. They have low self-esteem. Please do yourself a favour and stay away from them.

Don’t trust people who tell you they are your only friend. Come on! You have friends, more than one, at least. And ask yourself this: why do they want to convince you of that? What is their agenda? True friends are never bothered when you have other friends. It’s actually healthy to have more than one friend.

Don’t trust people who don’t like pizza. Yes, I said it.

Don’t trust people who would go out of their way to avoid disagreeing with you. We don’t think alike, we will disagree at some point. Disagreements are healthy. They set boundaries, they let us know how others think, what they want, how they see the world, and so on. We don’t have to fight about it or kill each other when we disagree. We’ll move on, that’s what grown ups do.   

Don’t trust people who never tell you that you are wrong, especially when you are. I cannot stand “Yes-People”, they are supremely annoying and fake. Tell someone they are wrong. What are they going to do to you? Nothing. Tell them they are wrong. Explain why. If they react badly or throw a tantrum, then, keep your distance. You sincerely don’t want to be around people who believe they are never wrong.

Don’t trust people who always see the negative side of things and can never bring up positive thoughts. Half-empty kind of people aren’t fun at all and they will drain your energy while pushing you into their pool of negativity. Please do stay away from people like that. Negative energy is highly contagious, sneaky and catastrophically effective. Just sayin…

Don’t trust people who plant discord, spread lies and hate. If I need to explain this, I might just shoot someone!

Don’t trust those who rejoice seeing someone else’s misery. It simply proves that misery loves company.

Don’t trust people who don’t like to have a good time. Do I really need to say anything here?????

Don’t trust people who talk about themselves most of the time. You know…the people who constantly say, “I know, I am, I have, I have done, I do, I think, I am talking”, without missing a beat.

Don’t trust people who talk about themselves in the third person. For real! Who the hell thinks that’s the way to go?

Don’t trust people who don’t listen. It is the cornerstone of human communication. We could always learn to listen more and better. But those who dismiss others and refuse to listen? Pffffff.

Don’t trust people who don’t greet people. You know, the kind of people that enter a room but don’t greet anyone? Yes, those award-winning human beings. Fuck’em!

Don’t trust people who don’t give others space. Just get away from people, let them breathe. Stop being so fucking needy!

Don’t trust people who never smile!!!

Don’t trust people who never laugh!!!

This list could go for miles but let me stop here before I get lost in my rant!

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day!

Freeman. B

2 thoughts on “DON’T TRUST

  1. I used to have a friend who was jealous of my other friends. later on i found out he was just my friend for interests when i got broke and him started make more money than me he just managed for us not to see each other anymore by using different excuses. He was the kind of guy who was always glorifying friendship as someting someone must have to live a better.
    🙂 🙂 c’etait juste un gros tordu jusqu’a la moelle.


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