I feel weird about this post. It is a text I had written a while ago, 3 years I believe, and I never published it. Yet, as inappropriate as it may be, or appropriate, depending on where you stand, I believe it is worth mentioning. The recent events of this past week have left me utterly speechless, lost and wondering about life, death, human behavior, our fears, our qualities and our flaws as people and so much more. There is so much I don’t understand about life, and even more I will never understand, probably because I am only human, I have a strictly limited understanding of this world.

However, one thing is unequivocally true. There is one undeniable fact: life is short.

I know I am not saying anything new here, I am fully aware of my intention. Life is short. It doesn’t matter how long you live for. Life is still short. Occasionally, something will happen; it is usually a tragedy and we are reminded how short life is. We get tricked by what we see, what we do, we are so focused on our daily life and its ramifications that we end up believing we might have more time than we actually do. Time is technically infinite but since we made it into a measurable quantity with our years, months, weeks, days, hours, and seconds, we end up believing we might be like father time; undefeated.

Well, reality checks up on us from time to time and we are reminded we are not infallible. We are not eternal, we are not bulletproof, we are not immortal, we are not immune to life’s problems and conundrums, and so on. We are like everything in this world; we are mortal. Our time on this planet ends but life itself never ends. It keeps going whether we are here or not. Our dear departed Petit Joe believed the soul was immortal. Maybe he is right, I hope he is.

In this life, nothing is guaranteed, except death, the grand and unavoidable finale. Biologists claim human beings are the only mammals who are aware of their own mortality. That important knowledge gives us a sense of doom, which is quite grim and dark. I don’t like negativity and dark thoughts. I don’t deny their existence; I simply choose to try and see life in a positive light.

I believe our mortality should give us a sense of purpose. It should be the driving force in our lives. It should help us strive for joy, love and happiness. I know it is tremendously cliché to say this. I am aware of how much it sounds like a fairy-tale, almost a denial of how hard and cruel the world can be. I know my brain has a certain amount of naivete but what is life without optimism and positive thinking?

Time on this earth is limited for us humans. So, how about we spend some of that time, if not most it, doing meaningful tasks? Remember that “meaningful task” is quite subjective. We have different goals, desires, dreams, aspirations and values. Yet, in the end, I am sure we are all looking for that little slice of happiness that seems elusive at times.

My message today isn’t about negativity, it is about optimism. I am talking about positive energy; I am talking about being happy. To each their own, because no one can tell you how to be happy, you must figure that out for yourself. Imagine spending your life drowned in frustration, anger, resentment and hate. Imagine that type of life. Better yet, remember the last time you were angry at someone and how uncomfortable it was. Life based on negative emotions, feelings and intentions never leads to anything constructive. Such a life only destroys. Such a life never builds anything worth mentioning or worth remembering.

I, for one, made this decision to live my life a certain way more than a decade now. I decided to consciously live my life as passionately and freely as I can. I want to make sure I have as few regrets as possible. I want to avoid the “ifs”. I promised myself to do my best and speak my mind. I do anything I can to manage my feelings, speech and actions, so they don’t end up hurting others or they don’t end up steering me in the wrong direction. I will tell you right now, it isn’t easy but nothing worth having is easy. I tell myself if I want something, I will go get it. If I feel something, I will act on it.

Once again, things don’t always work out for the best but at least, I will tell myself I tried something, instead of wondering what the outcome would have been. My attempts don’t always have a positive outcome, but I can sleep easier knowing I tried, and I will have learned something about life, myself and others.

Life is short…. Don’t waste your time with unimportant things, don’t waste your time with ungrateful and negative people, don’t waste your time thinking you can control everything because most things, like 99.99999% of things, you simply cannot and will never control. Do your best to not respond to negativity and cynicism. Do not allow other people’s negative energy to rub off on you.

Be happy, do your best to limit stress in your life, cherish those around you, hang out with people that elevate you and believe in you, spread love around you and for the love of all the Gods, say “I love you” to those you care about. I will never stress enough how important it is to say, “I love you”. Feeling love for others is amazing. Saying it and showing it, that is even more amazing. Saying “I love you” strengthens relationships. I have witnessed it in my own personal life. It is not that hard. It is hard but not that hard. We must try. Practice makes perfect, right?

Love has always been an underrated quality and it still is. Showing love is even more underrated. You simply can’t go wrong with spreading love. One thing Petit Joe taught those around him is that love, care, respect and appreciation are precious commodities, and we should rarely waste them. I know we are not perfect and sometimes negative feelings take over. It is up to us to chase those feelings away. They shouldn’t take over because the outcome will be quite unpleasant and counterproductive.

Please spread love and smiles. Start with yourself, start with the person you see in the mirror every morning; simply love and smile. Make sure that love and smiling become a way of life. Love yourself because it all starts with you. As far as I know, hate has never helped anyone feel better.  

Life is short, so make yours meaningful. Spread love and smiles.

Just one man’s opinion

Now smile and go on with your day!

Freeman. B

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