Did I ever have time for bullshit? The answer is yes. I had plenty of time for bullshit, mostly in my younger days, as anybody I would assume! This isn’t about regrets; it’s reality. When we are young, and we are still trying to figure out who we are and what we want, we entertain and tolerate bullshit. We just do. I believe subconsciously, we feel like we must tolerate bullshit. It feels like we don’t have a choice, because we don’t know better. Youth is usually synonymous with inexperience, a mix of stupidity and being impressionable, indecisiveness, irrationality, an extremely short attention span, and an unquenchable desire to please others, the latter being more radioactive and deadly than Uranium.

When we are young, we don’t really know how to say no, we don’t really know how to cut a conversation short, or how to decline a favor. Mostly, we don’t really know what we want, so it is easy to get lost. Moreover, young people want to please others and they want to be liked. They want to be seen as reliable, and helpful. We cannot fault young minds for acting that way; it’s part of their journey. Then we age, we get older and hopefully, we mature! That’s when things change, sometimes radically.

I guess I have been walking towards that radical step and I believe I finally have arrived. I am at that junction of my life, where I have changed radically because I ain’t got time for bullshit. Literally, I ain’t got time for bullshit. I won’t lie, my disdain for bullshit scares me at times. I am afraid of becoming detached, apathetic, misanthropic almost. Well, frankly speaking, I won’t become any of those things. However, occasionally, my literal hate for bullshit is sometimes glaring. Sometimes, I believe it is the only look I have on my face, and I am mindful of how people will interpret it because in the end, my goal isn’t to hurt others. Yet, I cannot lie to myself either. So, much to some people’s disappointment, I carry on with my contempt for bullshit.  

I can see people saying, “Oh Freeman, why are you so triggered?”. You know what? You can go fuck yourself! If nothing triggers you, then you should get yourself checked because you might be a sociopath, ok? It’s that simple. By the way, when I say that I ain’t got time for bullshit, it doesn’t mean I lash out at people or that I jump on them or that I even talk to them in a disrespectful manner or that I am violent, verbally or physically. Nah bro! We are civilized over here, and I have learned, after a few decades of walking on the Gods’ green earth, how to hold my fucking tongue. So, I have opted for silence and literally walking away from bullshit. Those two actions work marvelously. They buy you peace. People downplay the importance and the efficiency of putting one foot in front of the other…Please try it; it’s splendid.

I got to a point where I was asking myself questions such as am I becoming one of these insufferable people who think they know better than others? Am I becoming impatient with people? Am I becoming dismissive? Am I becoming disrespectful? Am I slowly becoming antisocial? Am I hurting people with my behavior? What is wrong with me?

No, no, no, no, no, no and nothing is wrong with me. I just ain’t got time for bullshit. Oh, I fucking don’t. How can I possibly explain this? It’s immensely personal, hard to explain but so easy to fully live this feeling. I simply ain’t got time for bullshit. It started slowly but now it has reached a respectable cruising speed. Seriously, I got zero patience and zero tolerance for bullshit. Furthermore, I believe I am starting to get a physical allergic reaction to bullshit. Sometimes I feel like my body will go into anaphylactic shock, like a kid with peanut allergy who touched a peanut, and he must grab his EpiPen to inject epinephrine into his bloodstream to slow down the inflammation, so he doesn’t choke to death. My body cannot stand it, so imagine how my mind fares when bullshit is around…

I started slowly but surely not caring about other people’s lives, except my people’s! Funny enough, social media has helped me tremendously to reach that critical point. I personally find it funny that an app, which keeps showing you what other people are doing, mostly nothing interesting or valuable whatsoever, has taken away the little interest I had in people’s lives. I ain’t got time to check people’s lives or their routines, pics, videos, where they are, what they do, how they feel, what they think, which is funny because I share my thoughts on the same app. Anyway…

I mean I ain’t got time for mind games, riddles, metaphors, and other figures of speech. Say what you want and what you mean. I ain’t got time for gossip (ok, maybe a bit, not too much!), constant complaints about people, and other tales where the narrator never seems to be at fault. I ain’t got time to indulge other people’s whims, wishes and needs. I ain’t got time to protect people’s sensibilities. I aint got time for certain behaviors such as pouting, disrespect, arrogance, unkindness, disdain, hate, materialistic bullshit, empty conversations, etc. I ain’t got time for people who see others as the problem when they never dare looking into the mirror. I ain’t got time for people who shall remain nameless and who crave attention and who don’t have a fucking clue how to use that attention productively. I ain’t got time for people promising shit and actually never delivering. I never had time for people’s tardiness and right now, we are not going to vibe if tardiness is embedded in your DNA. I ain’t got time for people who ask invasive and personal questions when they haven’t earned the right to be my people! I ain’t got time for passive aggressive behavior. I ain’t got time for people who prefer to sulk instead of expressing themselves. I know I should be patient since people do things on their own timeline and process, yes, I know but whatever. I ain’t got time for people who talk about themselves all the time. I ain’t got time for people who believe they are the center of the universe. I ain’t got time for all these fuckers!

I ain’t perfect. I got my own bullshit and I know I irritate others. I know I am obnoxious, so I won’t even pretend others aren’t tired of my bullshit. But today isn’t about the others; it’s about ME! Wow! My narcissism and ego got the best of me for a second there. Goddamn! Allow me to apologize profusely for letting my narcissism and ego take over.

I ain’t got time for bullshit. The beauty of bullshit, if I may say so, is that you can literally smell it miles away as you gain life experience. Granted, you will not smell all the bullshit. Some will get by you as easily as air leaves a balloon that pops. Since my sense of smell is fully operational, I avoid these unproductive and frankly, empty situations. I simply ain’t got time for bullshit. It’s that easy.

So, if you got bullshit, please, stay the fuck away from me! I beg you. I implore you. And if I bring bullshit your way, please, tell me to stay the fuck away from you! I promise you; I will not be offended! Because I ain’t got time to be offended!

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day!

Freeman. B

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