So, let’s dive right in because this stuff is upsetting, funny and bizarre, simultaneously, I swear. I don’t know what to make of this and I have so many questions and arguably no answers. Some things don’t seem to compute at all because let’s face it, my brain has its own limitations.

Social media is visibly an accurate representation of the world. Some people are mean, others are kind and so many other people fall in between those two opposite sides. Social media has all kinds of people, literally. It might even be a heightened representation of the world. Since everything that happens on those platforms is virtual, the consequences are rarely dire, except for a few cancellations every now and then. You can literally say whatever you want, no matter how awesome or vile and you’ll trigger, irritate and/or upset someone. Once again, everything is virtual so the physical ramifications and consequences, such as getting your ass kicked for insulting someone, rarely happen.

At this point, it would be better if I shared my own story. I used to be on twitter, and I was very active. I used to trigger people with my thoughts and posts, and frankly, sometimes, irritating people was fun. I wasn’t a troll, but I am a contrarian. So, whenever the mob went one way, I would go the opposite way because I either believed it or I did it for fun. Every goddamn time, I would find at least one person who would answer back, and we would get into verbal and virtual altercations. All those shenanigans took a toll on me, something I only realized later. I got into a fight with someone I don’t remember for a reason I certainly cannot remember. In the middle of the argument, I realized how stupid I was, how idiotic I sounded, and I felt ashamed to be irritated by someone I didn’t even know. I closed my account that day, and I haven’t missed twitter since. In my humble opinion, social media isn’t bad; it all depends on how you use it. Very few people can use social media productively, effectively and with nobility. Most of us just get lost into it and we pay the price as time goes by.

Our sanity, our peace, our calmness, our lives depend on us making good choices for what we consume online. I was on another platform today and people got into shouting matches because this person said this, and the other person said that. People couldn’t agree. People were trying to convince others of their ideas. People threw nasty words at each other. People got mad, angry, worked up and they especially got lost in this virtual cacophony. Basically, they did what people do online!

Do people know they can leave anytime they want? Do people remember that simple fact? Inner peace is expensive but not that fucking expensive. Do people remember that whatever someone says online doesn’t fucking matter? Do people know they must develop thick skin so that other people’s attacks don’t get to them? Do people know that fighting with someone online, someone you don’t know, someone you have never met, someone you will never meet, someone who literally has zero impact on your life but the power you choose to give them, is fucking useless, a waste of time, energy, saliva? Do people remember that all this arguing is pointless? Do people remember they are not online to educate people? Do people remember that the virtual interconnected space of computers is the last place one should use to convince people or to make them change their mind? Do people remember that having an opinion, is just that, a fucking opinion? Do people remember arguing with people online raises the blood pressure, tightens the muscles, brings bitterness, uneasiness, anger, and nothing more? Do people remember their own opinions must irritate others the way other people’s opinions irritate them? Do people realize that if all social media platforms disappeared tomorrow their lives wouldn’t change at all? Do people remember that if the person they are arguing with died, they wouldn’t care, and the opposite is true?

For fuck’s sake, don’t be like the me I was 3-4 years ago. I know what the fuck I am talking about. Stop arguing with people. Don’t play that fucking game! You will not win. Don’t engage. It is pointless, literally. If you spend your precious time being argumentative, you’ll find enemies everywhere, every day, I guarantee you that. You will train your brain to look for trouble and enemies, I assure you. Don’t be addicted to conflict unless you are a masochist. Perhaps you like pain or maybe you get excited when you exchange unkind words with strangers. By the way, you are not going to convert anyone to your point of view. It ain’t going to happen, I promise you.

Someone said something that upset you… So, fucking what? Who gives a fuck? Apparently, you do, and you shouldn’t. Learn to let go. Not everything is about you! Learn to not get offended at every word spoken by some fucker who has nothing better to do that day. So, you didn’t like what someone said, how they said it, the words they used…Then what? I repeat, what? No one cares and you certainly shouldn’t care, for fuck’s sake.

Someone was mean to you? Boo-fucking-hoo! Welcome to the real world where people aren’t always nice. Fight back to defend your honor or to defend your bruised ego, or simply let go, whatever you want to do, it’s up to you. I know for a fact that fighting with people isn’t going to bring you any solace, peace, or happiness. If the person talking isn’t making policy or doesn’t have any power, who gives a fuck about their thoughts? I frankly never expect people to take me seriously or to adhere to any fucking thing I say. I write and say stuff. Like it or don’t, it matters not to me. I’ll keep talking and writing. And I will keep ignoring stupid ass motherfuckers who think offending others is a virtue.

Take your ego out of the equation. Ignore those vile people. Unless they threaten you or those you love, there is nothing you should do. IT IS VIRTUAL! IT DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER PEOPLE! Stop arguing with people online, for fuck’s sake!

Just by writing this text, I just raised my blood pressure. Goddamn it! Stop arguing with people online. Get on with your life. Use your time more productively, more efficiently. I am certain you got a million things to do other than getting mad and arguing with people online. Seek peace and most importantly, seek inner peace, that nirvana that eludes most people. Relax. Stay calm. Ignore people. Ignore their words, no matter how vile because nobody gives a fuck!

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day.

Freeman. B

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