I didn’t want to believe it. At first, I acted like anybody who would hear a theory they disagree with; I dismissed it, vehemently. Then, as time went by and life experience increased steadily, I realized I was wrong, and the theory was right.

“Once you build something valuable or worth having, once you make or create something that’s good and inspiring…there will always be someone, always one person, who would try to take it from you or who will try to destroy it or even destroy you. It always takes one person, not an army to wreak havoc and destroy you and what’s yours”. I am paraphrasing the theory I heard a while ago.

I am not into conspiracy theories. I don’t like negative thoughts and negative people. I am certainly not one of those people who sees evil, malice, deception, and enemies everywhere. Nope! That’s not how I am wired, and I work extremely hard to not fall into apathy. I work tremendously hard to not be suspicious of everyone and everything. I am truly not one of those people and I will do everything I can to never be one of those suspicious, distrustful, tense people who see the worst everywhere and in everyone.

That said, I am not naïve. Well, truth be told, I am naïve at times, like everyone, I guess. Being naïve is the exception, not the rule. I’ll admit I am gullible at times, like everyone else. My naivete never gets the best of me because I am fully aware there are evil, nasty, and plain mean people in this world. There are people who like inflicting pain on others. There are people who love nothing more than imposing their will and might on others. There are people who don’t give a fuck about others and will not hesitate to hurt people if they get something out of it. There are psychopaths, sociopaths, and sadists in this world. Denying that simple fact, would be akin to intentionally taking my own eyes out.

Unfortunately, when you build something worthy, something valuable, something worthy of admiration and when you become someone worthy of praise, someone humble and who spreads positive vibes through your hard work and constant self-improvement, then insidiously, jealousy, envy, resentment, hate, suspicion, and other negative feelings start flowing in the air and they can easily suffocate you if you let them.

Let’s keep in mind that negative feelings, are human feelings after all. We like to chastise people who feel envy and jealousy and hate, as if we haven’t felt that way, ever! We all have but when you go out of your way to hurt others out of envy, jealousy, and hate, then, you’re not a good person, period. I guess people are complicated and complex like that; we have a bright side and a dark side, but we like to acknowledge the bright side and we dismiss the dark side, as if it doesn’t exist.  

Why do people act like that? Why do people desire to take others down? How can jealousy, envy and hate drive people so far that they get to the point of hurting others? I mean, why are we like that? What is it about our nature that compels us to destroy things that aren’t ours? Why some of us cannot turn off the hate/envy/jealousy/resentment button? Why are those feelings so intense and powerful in some people and almost nonexistent in others? I guess psychiatry, psychology and anthropology could come up with satisfying answers, if they haven’t already. And destroying things, does nothing for you, literally. It’s not like you’ll get that thing you destroyed, because you just destroyed it. I guess some people feel elevated when they step on other people’s shoulders. I guess when you feel small, you think by standing on others you’ll be tall. I guess some people don’t like looking in the mirror and see what they are lacking or how insecure and scared they are.

I have seen people trying to destroy others. I have seen jealousy in action and it’s scary. I have seen people blinded by jealousy who act immorally and illegally. I have seen recently people trying to destroy something my friends and I created. These things happen every day. People try to take from others; that behavior is time immemorial, almost natural, and almost human. Hell, it is human! Once again, it’s a dark part of our humanity we try to dismiss as much as we can.

As I watched people trying to destroy what my friends and I built, I came to a startling realization; you must protect what’s yours. You must protect yourself from those who might come to disturb your peace or even harm you. When you build something worthy, some people will try to take it from you or simply destroy it or they will try to destroy you. I hate thinking like that, but I have seen it too many times, I have experienced it myself and it has happened way too many times in history for me to ignore.

Like I said before, it takes one person for an attack; it never takes an army. So, it is important to protect what’s yours and yourself. Attacks will always come; peace will follow, and the cycle will keep going. It’s hard to be open and alert at the same time but if you want to survive in this world, you must be both while not losing yourself. Now, that’s hard, but not impossible!

When you build something worth having, there is always one person who will try desperately to take it from you and you must remember you should never, ever let them have what’s yours. Those attacking should focus on making something of their own but as we all know, very few have the will, the fortitude, and the courage to build something. They’d rather destroy instead of building something of their own or instead of improving themselves.

I am asking you to be alert, not paranoid. I am asking you to be open, not a recluse. Be proud and humble of what you’ve built and what you’ve become and know that, sooner or later, someone will come for what’s yours. It’s the way of the world unfortunately.

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day!

Freeman. B

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