Well, the title says it all. This my 300th text. That is an arbitrary milestone but a milestone, nonetheless. This the 300th text I am publishing on my blog.

300 texts. I went back and looked at the texts. I got 6 short fictional stories and 294 essays, in English and French. Let’s do a little trip down memory lane: I started writing regularly in 2016. I started sending short texts to my friends and family back in 2017. Finally, I opened my blog in August 2018. The whole adventure started 5 years ago and what a tremendous voyage it has been. Today, here I am; the proud owner of a blog on which I have published 300 texts.

Listen, I won’t lie; this whole thing sounds surreal and to a certain extent, it is. I cannot believe it myself because I never dreamed of this, nor did I ever plan it. But, regardless of what I planned, the work is there; 300 texts. For some people, that might be the work of a lifetime. To me, the work of a lifetime is still going and will never stop, ever! Only two things will stop me from writing: death or being in a coma! It’s that fucking simple!

I don’t even remember how writing came into my life. I guess I always had a lot to say, and I always felt the need to let my thoughts and feelings out. What better way than writing? I love reading and words. I speak 4 languages and I can write and read in all of them. So, I started writing but I would never write regularly. It was always a sporadic adventure.

I am sure you know the story because I have told this story a thousand times; a former flame of mine loved the little messages I would send her every morning to start the day. From there, she told me that I should share my writings with people. After a few weeks of real back and forth between us, and once I had managed to overcome my fear of being judged by others and my fears of inadequacy, I sent the writings to my close friends and family. They liked them and I expanded to more people slowly but surely. The rest is history and frankly, history is still being written by yours truly!

This path I have chosen has brought me fulfillment, joy, pride, and a purpose I couldn’t possibly put into words. Writing has helped me evolve and change as a person, as a man, as an individual. I know for a fact writing has made me a better man. I have used writing to self-diagnose myself and deal with my own issues. Writing has helped me exorcise most of my demons. Writing hasn’t made me perfect or irreproachable; it just made me better as a human being. Writing has helped me deal with my flaws, insecurities, fears, shortcomings, failures and the dark side of my brain and spirit. I have learned to manage myself through the power of words. I have learned to know myself through writing. Moreover, there is so much more I need to work on, and I am still trying to improve myself. Writing is a crucial element of my life and of my own improvement.

Writing has taught me resilience, discipline, consistency, commitment, drive, will, and courage. Writing has taught me to think before opening my mouth. Writing has taught me to act instead of reacting. Writing has taught me so much that I am still tasting the sweet fruits of its labor. Writing has brought its own deal of stress and nuisance. Sharing opinions on certain “taboo” subjects such as religion, beliefs, politics, feminism, oppression and much more, always brings some fuss. I am not that arrogant to believe I have haters because I see haters as people who actively try to harm others and actively try to sabotage people’s lives. Someone disagreeing with me isn’t a hater; they are just another person who doesn’t agree with me, nor should everybody agree with me anyway. All this to say that writing has been an overwhelmingly positive and enriching experience!

 Writing has opened doors for me I never thought I could ever walk through. Writing has made me connect with people of all creeds and backgrounds. Writing has taught me patience, speaking my mind, standing by my choices, standing by my texts and opinions. Writing has made me a better communicator, in an exponential way. Writing has brought me closer to the people I love. Writing has helped me deal with two breakups, which were devastatingly harmful in their own way. Writing has been my companion in those lonely and heavy moments where I needed a shoulder to lean on. Writing helped me through this damn pandemic.

Writing has given me a platform where it would seem my voice and opinions count, which is an honor, because, if we are being honest, who am I for my voice to matter this much? I am simply a writer, a free thinker but not an influencer, because my goal isn’t to influence people and take them in a specific direction. If I had to describe my goal, I would say it’s multilayered. My goal is to make you think, smile, cry, laugh and to question yourself and your own ideas. My goal is to entertain you, to infuriate you, to piss you off, to challenge the very fabric of your reality and to look for answers as I am looking for answers.

By the way, there is one reader I am talking to before anybody else: myself. So, everything I just mentioned, about my goals, well, those goals target me first and foremost. I am mostly talking to myself and since I believe in our common humanity and our common goals, fears, qualities, flaws, victories, defeats, and struggles, whenever I am speaking to myself, I know at least one person can relate. I suppose that’s the main reason people respond to my writing; they can relate to what I’m saying. I write about universal subjects anyway. I mean, when I talk about family, love, revenge, religion, commitment, honesty, improvement, evil, good, honor, justice, relationships, and so many more subjects, everybody can easily relate to those themes.

I am the one doing the writing every day. Yes, I did all this! It is me. I spent all those thousands of hours on my computer or phone, writing and pouring my heart out. I am infinitely proud of myself because I created this body of work through hard work, discipline, dedication, blood, sweat and tears, literally.

But…this body of work would have never been possible without you, the readers! I swear, you people have made me into the writer I am today. Yes, a writer is truly nothing without their readers. And your dedication, loyalty, patience, feedback, and messages to me, are without a doubt, the biggest honor in my life. I just write and to see people responding to what I create, think, and share, is a lesson in humility and gratitude.

The formula is simple enough; I write, and you read. However, that is not all. You, the readers, inspire me, daily. You have made me challenge myself, my opinions, thoughts, feelings, and my whole worldview. The conversations we have, the stories you tell me, anything you could go through, is a source of inspiration to me. I owe you so much that I could write a separate text listing your contributions to my body of work! I will never be able to thank you enough. I could never put into words how much you have inspired me. You have offered me moral and psychological support. Some of you have even offered me financial support. Some of you truly care about my career as a writer and wish me nothing but the best. Some of you have offered words of encouragement that made my heart melt. Some of you have told me how my writings have helped you through difficult times and how I was able to make you smile through those tough times. I mean, I was brought to tears to hear I have been able to help people through my texts.

I am proud of myself. I have created something I am fully and infinitely proud of. I am also extremely thankful and grateful to have my texts being read and shared by so many of you. I could never thank you enough.

So…300 texts…a whole milestone! But I just want to humbly point out that I am just getting started! I know it sounds insane to say I am getting started when I am at 300 texts but it’s the truth! I got way more to say, to share, to write and I can only hope y’all will be along with the voyage I have embarked upon.

Once again, thank you boys and girls!

Now smile and go on with your day!

Freeman. B

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