It’s about time I talked about haters. I find the subject tremendously funny, entertaining, and finally, sad. I know when people talk about “haters”, it usually says more about them than their alleged “haters”. Please notice I put the word hater in parentheses because I know people use it in a misguided way. Perhaps the true sense of the word has been so deeply diluted that it’s finally lost its true meaning.

I never understood how this heavy word could be applied and used so lightly. Hate is a heavy word, usually accompanied by even heavier repercussions. We all know hate to be the spark that starts every fire which ends up consuming everyone and everything. Hate is one of those words I use misleadingly sometimes, and I must stop and correct myself.

Yet, here we are, forced to listen to people use “haters” casually. Personally, I find it infuriating and insulting. I guess the proliferation of the “haters” talk is due to the creation of smartphones and social media. Everyone has an account where they post whatever they like or find interesting and as soon as they get some pushback from someone, a “hater” is born. I won’t lie; it’s fucking hilarious to see people talk on social media about their “haters”. Well, to be candid, it’s funny and sad. To believe you have “haters”, it’s quite…something.

It’s this new era we live in, and people like to artificially and forcefully inflate their importance to polish their oversized ego, which shouldn’t be bigger than a grain of sand. Vanity in people’s hearts might be more prevalent than ever, thanks to social media. I guess having a screen at your disposal 24/7 and virtual friends, will push any person to post things about themselves. You get enough likes for a certain period of time, and then narcissism will come knocking at your door. And guess what? You will open that door and vanity will be your new companion. That’s when things start to go sideways. 

A myriad of people talk about “their haters”. Please note the possessive pronoun “their”, as if they wanted those haters to belong solely to them. You’d think they wouldn’t want to share them! “My haters belong to me! They are mine!”. See the sadness I was talking about?

Let’s go back to the issue at hand. The “haters”, right? Ok. Let me play along…What haters? Where are they? How many are there? I mean, are they organized or scattered into individual cells? Do they have a centralized command, or each “hater” is a free agent? Who are they? And most importantly, who the fuck do you think you are? Trump? Obama? Jesus? Oprah? ISIS? Lebron? And what about them “haters”? I am serious, what about them? What are they doing to you? 

I am only asking because I truly have a hard time understanding what “haters” actually do. I mean, what is their purpose? Are they actively and purposefully sabotaging your life? Did they kidnap someone you love and demanded you stop doing something or otherwise you’d never see your loved ones again? I am serious…Are they trying to fuck up your way of life, health, work, income, family life, relationships? If they are, then those are legitimate haters. You must fight them, defend yourself and hopefully you prevail! I wish you to win that crucial fight.

Otherwise, if someone doesn’t like you, respect you or says shit about you, then that ain’t no hater! Take a chill pill and fucking relax. When someone doesn’t like you, which is bound to happen because no one is unanimously liked, that person is barely a nuisance. I mean, that person’s importance shouldn’t be bigger than the size of our planet compared to our universe. If that so-called “hater” died today, you wouldn’t stop for a second to even think about them, how about that?

I know some people have been put down, disrespected, beaten, humiliated in their life and they see the perpetrators as haters. It makes sense. Some people walk around with a chip on their shoulders, trying to prove to the world they are worth something because all their life they were told they were worthless. That is a defense mechanism and an understandable response to an oppressive presence or situation. Again, it makes sense.

However, there are some people who love nothing more than talking about their haters all the time. Some people need an external enemy to fight so they can find a semblance of peace but in the end, that isn’t real peace. Not to be a philosopher, but true peace comes from within. You find peace because you stop seeing the outside world as the source of all your problems. People who talk about their “haters” all the fucking time are the same people who rarely take responsibility for their actions. It’s usually the “haters” fault, you know. At the end of the day, whatever you do, you will be the only one accountable, not your so-called “haters”.

Stop talking about your “haters”. First of all, let’s be honest, let’s be real; you ain’t got none. Shut your mouth about them “haters”. Secondly, do yourself a favour and focus on your fucking self, ok? Focus on your thoughts, actions, and words! Literally, nobody is after you. Moreover, nobody gives as much of a fuck about you as you have convinced yourself. By the way, if you look at yourself and try to improve yourself, the outside world will matter less and less. You’ll be happier for it, that’s a guarantee. 

So, stop talking about your “haters”! So many fucking people i could name here who think they are infinitely important but I ain’t that mean! Just take care of yourself and stop over inflating your ego. Keep your damn ego in check for fuck’s sake. A little humility and mental clarity are powerful treatments and ultimately cures for the soul! You ain’t the Rock, Kevin Hart, Kim K. or her ex-husband! Check your fucking self!

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day!

Freeman. B

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