Thursday evening. The night is still young even if I am not that young anymore. A brother of mine and I went to a nice, cozy, hip bar in Montreal. It was 10:20pm when we went in. We sat at the bar and ordered drinks. The lights were dimmed creating a magical atmosphere. A few people were at the bar and on two tables. The barmaid was cute and energetic, the DJ was playing some old school R&B and Hip-Hop music and she was killing it. My companion and I immediately started to dance along to the music. After all, it was Thursday night, and we were having fun.

As time went by, the bar kept filling up with young people in their early to mid-20’s. Before I knew it, the bar was packed, and the DJ left her turntable and went dancing with her friends and another DJ took over the reins and did a great job. I personally loved the ambiance and it reminded me of myself in my early 20’s. My buddy was getting drinks after drinks and enjoying himself. I smiled at his enjoyment, and a feeling of happiness washed over me.

While all this was going on, I must admit, I spent more time looking around, observing, capturing mental pictures instead of dancing. It is my nature; I cannot fight it any more than I can fight breathing. What I saw was a great display of youth and fun. And all the regular groups of people were there, much to my pleasure. You know the groups, right? Ok, let me name and describe a few and I am sure you will recognize them.

There was the hot chick walking around, dancing, enjoying herself without paying attention to who was watching her. I admit she reminded me of one of my exes, with her exuberance, her energy, her beauty, her hip movements, her smile. That woman looked like she was a 10 on her worst day and she was looking like a 12 while wearing sweatpants! The woman wore sweatpants, had no make-up, no fancy jewelry and she was a 12! I mean, come on!

There was the dude standing in the corner, sipping his drink, and checking every chick that went by him. You’d think he would talk to at least one young lady, but he never did. Those dudes kill me every time. Are they too shy or are they there to observe the ladies? Who knows?

There was the group of guys that bought many bottles, and who had groupies around them. You could tell the dudes were all single and they were trying to score. They were hunting and using the bottles as bait. Classic move if you ask me. Plus, they had money because I am sure they spent my monthly rent in one sitting. Goddamn it’s awesome to be young!

There was the group of 6 girls dancing and having fun between them. There was something special about the group; 5 girls were gorgeous and the sixth one was not. And this happens often with the ladies; there is always one girl who is unattractive hanging out with crazily attractive girls. The latter were getting hit on by dudes and the unattractive girl wasn’t, which was sad, and I wonder how she can withstand that lack of attention when her friends are getting all the attention. That’s a mystery, for real.

There was the couple dancing while kissing and feeling each other up! You’d think they were going to have sex on the dancefloor! But no. They are just there to have fun, dance, drink, grind on each other and I only hope they went home and got some “some”. I hope their time at the bar was simply some sort of “warm up” for the serious business that would unfold later that night.

There was the guy talking and talking and talking and talking to the girl he obviously brought to the date. I mean, the girl’s ears must have been ringing at the end of the night because the dude had to scream so the girl could hear him. Hell, I could hear him! Perhaps, he might want to choose a quieter bar next time if he wants to finalize the deal, if you know what I mean!

There was the dude dressed like an artist, the flashy guy, with the hat, the designer jacket, shirt, pants, and shoes. It’s the guy you couldn’t miss even if you were blind. I mean, Stevie Wonder would notice this dude. He walked around, never stopping, trying to get girls’ attention, to no avail. At least I know I left while he was still walking around. Better luck next time maybe? Pray for him!

There was the hot, handsome guy that turned all heads because he is simply gorgeous. This dude walked in, and all the girls turned around and looked at him. It was like a movie, quite cinematic, as if time had stopped. And he knew! That son of a gun knew how handsome he was and the effect he had on women. Sadly, for the ladies in the bar, his substantially more gorgeous girlfriend, if you can picture it, with her tiger eyes walked in after him. And like in a movie, she stood there for half a second and walked in front of him, signaling he was hers and any bitch who would try to look at him would be crucified. An amazing scene to see, for real.

There was the flirty girl who walked around, smiling at people, getting their attention. At some point, she locked eyes with me and pierced my soul with that look. She smiled at me and for a nanosecond, I felt intimidated by her beauty, class, grace, and confidence but I shook it off and I managed to smile back. She never came over and I didn’t go to her either, but I admit I looked at her for a while because she was simply breathtaking with her ponytail, her big earrings, her narrow waist, generous chest, and killer smile. I simply smiled at her and that was it.

There was the rough dude who was looking all mean at everybody. Now, was he really a rough rider or was he having a bad night? I don’t know and I don’t want to know. The dude was 1.90m easy, broad shoulders, big arms, huge back and armed with a nicely trimmed beard. Yep, he looked like the kind of guy no one should ever mess with, and guess what? Nobody messed with him.

I could name groups all day. But the bottom line is I had an amazing time with my brother. He helped me have a wonderful time and it was his idea to go out, so I am forever grateful. And I got to meet a beautiful lady with whom I struck up an interesting conversation and I realized I still got game. Your boy still got game! But that’s a story for another day!

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day!

Freeman. B

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