Seriously, have you ever thought about it? I am sure you have. I unequivocally know you have. How do I know? Well, it doesn’t take a genius to know you started questioning life at an early age because something incredible happened. By incredible, it could go either way; bad or good. However, we all know we question life overwhelmingly more when something bad happens. And let’s be honest, let’s be real: something bad always happens and when it does, it pushes you to question the very fabric of reality. That something is usually illogical, crazy, weird, unconventional, rare, nonsensical, or simply unusual, some might even say “supernatural”. Once it happens, you find yourself questioning reality. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Allow me to somewhat just go off here. Let’s start with the genesis of every human being; everyone on this earth is the result of two people having sex. That’s it. You could try to embellish it, make it sound romantic or grandiose, but it usually isn’t. None of us asked to be born; we simply were. It wasn’t even against our will because that would imply, we were forced to be born. We weren’t forced to do anything; we simply popped out of our mothers’ vaginas and here we are. I make it sound quite simple, but that’s what it is. None of us asked to be here, yet here we are.

From the moment we took our first breath, we were catapulted in this weird, three-dimensional world, where life exists for some reason that doesn’t necessarily make sense. Sure, religious people have an answer for all those questions; “God” and that explains everything in their eyes. Why not? To each, their own, last time I checked. Moreover, we live on a planet, which is the only planet able to sustain life as we know it. I mean, there is nothingness for billions of kilometers in each direction. The fuck is that about?

Remember, once you are born, you won’t be able to do anything for yourself and by yourself for at least a good 10-15 years. The first 2 years of your life, you are utterly useless, as all babies are. They are cute, sure, but useless, compared to baby giraffes, which can run within a few hours of their birth. Let’s not forget; you are born into a world that’s been built for centuries and millennia, and it’s in constant evolution. You are born into a world with its own set of rules, laws, religion, forms of government, chaos, and other nefarious things such as war, famine, disease, etc. However, on the flip side, this world simultaneously contains wonderful achievements, that showcase and display the absolute genius and amazing talent of our species, such as building extraordinary things and our love and compassion towards each other.

Some people are lucky, and they are born in great circumstances and environment. Others are born into horrific situations, live horrendous lives, get pummeled by stronger forces left and right. Philosophers will try to explain these abominable situations by using formulas like “as people we have free will, and one person exercising their free will might hurt others.” As if that makes sense? How the fuck does that make sense? Hitler was exercising his free will, and we all know what happened. One person impacted the lives of millions of people, and not for the better! How does that make sense, still?

Sometimes, I truly wonder why I have had an easy life and yet a kid born in the same country or in a different country at the same time, is living today in terrible circumstances that they were simply born into. It’s not like they created those conditions; they simply inherited them. I ask myself why I was born with a clean slate of mental health and others are struggling to even take a shower or think straight? The fuck is that about, for real? Why did I get so lucky, and others didn’t? How does that make fucking sense?

I think a lot about destiny, fate, or what God might have intended. I always end up wondering, for endless hours, how some people seem to be lucky, and others cannot catch a break. Life doesn’t make fucking sense. When I was 17, I watched a young child, suffer through AIDS and dying in conditions that I can barely describe. The whole ordeal of the young lad still disgusts me, and it sends a chill down my spine. The image of his frail body has never left my mind and whenever I think back at him, watching him suffer atrociously with every breath he took, I am reminded how this world doesn’t make any goddamn sense. There is nothing as hurtful, sad, and heartless like seeing a young kid suffer for no reason. That kid was literally born to die before his tenth birthday in cruel and unforgivable conditions. He was born to fucking suffer! Why? Who did he ever hurt? Why be born at all? Where is the justice in that? How did the situation make sense? It fucking didn’t. I remember some people trying to explain the reason things happened the way they did, and I have never felt this intense need to punch people. I truly cannot stand those who try to explain unspeakable things instead of staying silent. As if silence or saying “I don’t know” is a sin. Again, life doesn’t make sense.

This last example, I still carry it with me, and I always will. I believe it was my first true encounter with a situation that didn’t make sense at all. I feel like it was the last nail in the coffin, which is an unfortunate metaphor to make. It must be the single most shocking thing that made me question everything even more. I guess I carry an original anger with me because of my inability to understand the world and how it works, if there is even a plan behind all this. Today, I have accepted life as it is; it doesn’t make sense, at all.

Life doesn’t make goddamn sense. It never has and it never will. I suppose life has the meaning we choose to give it; therein lies our choice. Otherwise, saying there is a general sense, a theory that might explain all the bad and good things happening in this world simultaneously? Or saying there is a unifying theory encapsulating everything? That’s just pure arrogance, people.

Speaking of things that don’t make sense… I am sitting in North America, and you are reading this on a phone or computer, while sitting in a chair, in another continent. How the fuck does that make sense? For real? Come on! Let’s be honest! I pressed a button and baaammm, you got the text! Come on! Let’s not pretend it makes sense! Inflation? How does inflation make sense? I know this question infuriates economists, and they can go to hell! How can we explain that there are people who hate others for the color of their skin? Or who thinks that group or this group is inferior? Can you imagine there is somewhere, on this earth, some dude who wants to impose their will on the world? Who the fuck wants to tell people what to do? How does that make sense? Life doesn’t make goddamn sense!

Just one man’s opinion.

Now smile and go on with your day!

Freeman. B

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